Is passion and heart enough?


The career of Mark Noble is one of loyalty and passion for his boyhood club tainted by inconsistent performances and poor decision making.

The 25 year old midfielder is currently the longest serving West Ham player with 8 years and 192 games. Noble has always declared his love for the club and has no intentions of leaving. Captaining the U-21 England team and scoring 3 goals in the process made Hammers fans feel the academy had churned out yet another fantastic player.

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With an eye for a pin point pass or a killer cross that make keepers quake in their boots he can produce fantastic displays, he can regularly be seen barking orders to the players and has the ability to fire the team up.


The problem is, that though the above seems like an ideal central midfielder, Noble lacks consistency he can be Iniesta one game and look like a Sunday league player the next. Pin point passes become wildly aimless and his crosses are not worth the energy it takes to strike the ball.

So if a captain should lead by example is passion and heart enough to justify strings of poor form ?

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In my opinion yes.

We have a rare and hard to find player, a player who pulls on the shirt and feels pride, a player who gives his all everytime he steps onto the turf, a player who would do just about anything to help the club.

He is a propper West Ham player, who would be missed by the team and fans alike, the captains armband could be just what he needs to shake the inconsistency and be the captain fans have longed for, so for me no more journeymen looking for a pay packet, no more players that look at West Ham as a stepping stone, let’s start giving the armband to the players with West Ham in their hearts!

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  • HammerTime says:

    There are thousands of talented footballers. It’s the passion that makes a player great. Noble isn’t there yet but he could get there.

    He could be a late bloomer ala Parker, only living up to his true potential later in his career.

    I can only hope he’s still at West Ham when it happens.

  • jaybs says:

    I would take Mark Nolan any day, he does have passion & improved greatly last season, there must be so much more to come, would rather have Mark and other young Hammer bred players than the many aged over 32 players we are being linked with, it is an area that concerns me with Sam, experience does not bring any Guarantees!

  • The Cat says:

    I remember Cantona talking about Didier Deschamps and his lack of talent and being nothing more than a water carrier to fetch the ball and give it to more talented players in the French national side….
    Well history PROVES water carriers are ESSENTIAL and it’s the “Blend” of the team that counts as Deschamps went on to captain the French side to both Euro and World domination.

    This is why I view headlines made about a player like Noble as pure Nonsense!

  • The Cat says:

    …….. How does Noble win player of the year over the course of a season without talent and ability?

  • rayhammers9 says:

    mark noble is a good player for us. he shone last season and is improving year on year hes going on the back of my shirt this season. at least he wont be going in the next transfer window when it comes. and ive noticed since parkers gone the ball is being passed quicker and not being held in midfield for too long as it was before.

    • Legends says:

      very good and important point. with parker and noble we held onto it too long and then defended too deep.

  • Legends says:

    noble and tomkins are the kind of players we need. loyalty and passion. ready to die for the shirt. i hope they stay with wh for their entire careers and i hope we find 9 others that have this quality. … noble has great potential. needs to work on his forward passing. more penetrating. more assists. more goals from open play. … having 2 wingers in the side could help him.

  • Ironsman says:

    We sometimes forget hes only 25 still got many more years left in him. And on top of all the qualitys mentioned he work like a work horse, tireless for 90 minutes hes a grafter and the canning town lad i hope will be capt. 1 day.

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