West Ham fans react to David Gold interview

Image for West Ham fans react to David Gold interview

You’d think that, what with the club looking like its heading back down to the Championship and fans protesting outside the stadium on matchdays, David Gold might keep his mouth shut just for now.

Apparently not as he has spoken to the Mirror in a big interview that was first published late last Thursday night, alongside other things, defending himself, David Sullivan and Karren Brady.

Apart from claiming that he’s never taken a profit or expense from the club despite pocketing £18m interest on a loan from it, perhaps most harrowing was the implication that he believes some fans are “belligerents” wanting to burn his house down and that supporters have been in the media giving him death threats.

Unsurprisingly, the 83-year-old’s words went down like a lead balloon with many fans accusing him of being a liar, one calling his actions “disgusting” and another urging him to keep his mouth shut.

See the blasting for yourself, below…

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