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Robinson fears for Martin

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Former England international Paul Robinson believes that West Ham United goalkeeper David Martin will be unlucky if he tumbles down the pecking order in January.

The Hammers are thought to be searching for a new ‘keeper after the Roberto debacle, but Sky Sports pundit Robinson would feel for Martin if he gets nudged down to number three.

“I think Martin has done very well in a difficult situation since he came into the team as he never expected to play and he has been given his opportunity and I think he has done really well,” he told Football Insider. “So I think to sign a goalkeeper and take him out would be harsh, but I do think they need to sign a new goalkeeper whether it’s [Darren] Randolph or someone else.

“You look at the keepers they’re looking at, they’re looking at experienced keepers who can bring stability and safety. [Asmir] Begovic, Randolph…you can list the names, but West Ham will sign a goalkeeper and it will be a goalkeeper of that ilk, a Premier League veteran.”


Robinson needs to make his mind up, here. He says it would be harsh for West Ham to sign a goalkeeper and drop Martin down the rankings, but he also says they ‘need’ to sign a new ‘keeper. Why do they need to when they have Lukasz Fabianski coming back and he’s so high on Martin? That doesn’t make much sense. He clearly feels that the former Millwall man is good enough to be a back up at Premier League level, so why would they need to sign another shot-stopper with Fabianski on the verge of returning? Ultimately Martin probably is best suited to a number three role. He’s not the kind of guy you’d want as your first port of call if something were to happen to your first choice, but he’s very serviceable as the third man up. That’s what he was brought in to be at West Ham, it’s just that Roberto was so horrific he was bumped up a spot. If Randolph is available, then you have to think the Hammers need to go and get him.

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