Lawrenson: Pellegrini will go soon

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Mark Lawrenson has issued his prediction for West Ham’s clash against Southampton on Saturday evening, and has suggested that Manuel Pellegrini won’t be at the club for much longer. 

The Hammers are looking to end a run of just one win in their last 10 Premier League matches, but the pundit forecasts more misery against the Saints.

Speaking to BBC Sport, he said: “I don’t think West Ham have helped their manager Manuel Pellegrini with the noises that have been coming out of the club.

“Whoever is feeding stories to the media seems to be trying to make everyone aware that Pellegrini’s future is being discussed, because he is not doing very well – so don’t be surprised if he is not here next Sunday.

“You don’t need to say any of that, because it is obvious he is under pressure.

“It just feels like Pellegrini is an empty tube of toothpaste – they are just squeezing the last bits out of him at the moment, and it won’t be long until he is done.”

Lawrenson predicts a 2-1 defeat for the Hammers.


If West Ham lose this, Pellegrini has to go, plain and simple. Some would probably even argue that should the Hammers manage secure all three points against the Saints, then he should still be given the boot. However you look at it, things have not gone to plan so far this season, and you have to wonder how much longer fans will keep taking this perpetual disappointment before we start seeing them planting corner flags in the centre circle again. That aside, Lawrenson raises a very good point here. By allowing stories to leak about potential replacements and managerial shortlists, the board are essentially signing Pellegrini execution order before he’s even had a verdict passed. This is in turn leads to a feeling of inevitability over his future, which is surely beginning to seep into the outlook of the players. Why fight for a manager when he’s about to be given his P45 anyways? It’s a sad reality, but it’s a reality nonetheless.

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