Sullivan pledges to send shirts to Africa

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Football is more than just a game. The way that it brings people together and helps to inspire new generations is nothing short of incredible, and there truly is nothing like that has the same mass appeal and that evokes the same levels of passion. The best part about it is that it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your background is, football is, and should be, inclusive of all, regardless of race, religion, or gender. It’s quite touching to know that all across the globe there are people watching the Premier League and kicking every ball just like fans do in the ground, and it’s equally as pleasing to know that there are children all around the world dreaming of being the next Harry Kane or Raheem Sterling. One man who perhaps isn’t thrown into that same category too often is West Ham skipper Mark Noble. The veteran Hammer is a legend at the club, and will be long after he has retired too, but it takes a different sort of kid to look at him and think “when I grow up I want to be Mark Noble”. Which is why one video doing the rounds on social media is particularly heartwarming. The footage shows one member of the Namutumba Kids Team Academy in Uganda having Noble’s name and number written onto his back in marker pen. And in a brilliant response to the footage, West Ham Ladies manager Jack Sullivan has pledged to send over an actual Mark Noble shirt to the youngster. It’s a lovely gesture, and one that will be cherished by an avid young supporter.

Forever West Ham have gathered some of the best tweets below:

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