Has former Tottenham man hit the nail on the head regarding West Ham?

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Upton ParkThere has been a terrible trend descending over West Ham matches in recent weeks.

This doesn’t just relate to the frustrating results, mediocre performances or uninspiring style of play.

No, the biggest cause of angst in Australia has been the use of David Pleat as pundit for matches during Fox Sports’ coverage of games.

His insufferable ramblings at gone midnight have worsened an already insipid experience. His opinions are old-fashioned and boring, and he rarely offers an intelligent insight, despite his long association with the game.

However when discussing Sam Allardyce’s use of the long ball tactic against Sunderland, he suggested it is a style that has garnered “relative success” for the gaffer during his career.

And for once, it was a point that actually struck a chord. Maybe “relative success” is a phrase that should be adopted favourably for this season.

Yes, given the start, the team should be doing better, and certainly the cup runs have left a lot to be desired.

But in defining relative success, supporters should see there has indeed been progress.

The team has indicated it will be safe from relegation since mid-October – a far better position than last year.

There have been better results against some of the power-houses of the Premier League, which has generated some of the biggest highlights of recent seasons.

Although not so much recently, there have been improved performances across the season, with free flowing football returning to some regularity. There is certainly indication that the squad has the ability to produce, it’s now a case of finding the consistency.

And the club has also attracted players who have brought added value to the squad. The summer signings were a vast improvement on the year before, and have made a genuine impact.

Although final judgements will be made after the last game, let us for now, and maybe for once, accept the words of Mr Pleat – this season has been relatively successful

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  • Legends says:

    when i was a boy and started watching west ham i always boasted about our recent successes – cottee/mcavennie, brookings header, only team to win cup from div 2 etc etc. .. i never stopped hoping to win a trophy. And i didnt care too much for Arsenal fans or George Graham’s style and i didnt care if they had more “success” than west ham, becuase we played the game right. we were entertaining and the academy of football. success to me didnt matter because we had the style, but success was always a dream and each season i’d expect the players to be pushing to win something. every single season! …….. now!? wtf the fuck is going on!? aiming to “stay up” or aiming for “10th” while playing kids or weakened teams in the cup! Playing with a single target man, or players who cant control a football, parking the bus, panic football. … im a patient man i really am. But when will west ham have the courage of their convictions and play the way we should be playing? Yes we’ve seen glimpses of it this season, often against Sam’s will, but the negativity and low ambitions which come from Allardyces mouth week in week out as he claws onto his job for as long as possible. its frustrating to say the least. he should be long gone. are we so terrified of relegation with the squad we have now? get someone else in, re-install the project that was underway when Gold and Sullivan came in and moved the goalposts. We dont want to play like Birmingham several years ago. Nor Bolton!!! … We are West Ham and im still waiting for their return.

  • Hammerdragon says:

    Have to agree with that. Pleast is an insufferable bore and toatally out of touch with what is happening on the pitch.

  • matthammer says:

    Still cannot understand why people think bringing Carroll an Nolan back into the team helped an didn’t hinder us. Carroll is an can be a top striker but we played an produced more without either. Sahko an his back put a downer on the works but I do feel we were a force playing the attacking style we started with. I’d rather lose 5-4 every week an relish our football than some of the tosh I’ve seen this year. On the fence about Valencia, long ball ain’t us an we can’t stop teams scoring wen we’re negative so fuck it, go for the win. Way of play is on bfs shoulders, would like rid but who is there? Di canio? I’d love that, fans support but is it really a viable option? Where’s John lyall wen u need him? Coyi

  • Canchas says:

    “A far better position than last year” how about the year before when we played with a team that”all the experts” claimed was really just a ‘championship’ team.
    Much better and more realistic comparison methinks

  • Aussiehammer Dave says:

    You’re so right about David Pleat. As if it’s not bad enough waiting until 2 am to watch some real football (don’t mention the A League) they put David Pleat as co commentator on the game. I think all those who remember Pleat as Tottenham manager will also remember his best tactics were reserved for the ladies that frequented the streets of Kings Cross after dark.

  • bspur1 says:

    Pleat is a bumbling old fool until he mentions something you agree with

  • Paul Bennett says:

    Some sentiments are ok but look at Leicester this season, playing great football but bottom of the league

  • J Mac says:

    Since Xmas West Ham, with the squad they have, have really under achieved. With now 10 new signings this season and with a squad that was comfortably holding down 4th place has now lost all hope or possibility of a European spot. With the great squad that West Ham manager Sam Allardyce has had at his disposal and after being in 4th position on Xmas day, then he should at least achieve an 8th place finish, anything below this should be viewed as a failure with Sam deserving to go.
    West Ham has a far better squad than Swansea, who as of 5th April sit 4 points above West Ham in 8th. Failure to beat Swansea’s tally and finish in at least 8th position after 10 good new signings can only be viewed as a failure in the West Ham owners eyes. Personally, I think someone new needs to manage and scrutinise the squad with a fresh start from a new mananger, because if viewed with a different perspective, the quality of this squad can achieve a lot more than it has IF ALLOWED TO

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