England can’t win without West Ham


Aaron Cresswell Mark NobleMark Noble

He was Mr. England up to the age of 21, and was a previous captain of the youth squad – but the second he aged out of the youth system, he never got near the England team again. The midfielder is a driving force for West Ham and according to, he’s had an 86% pass success rate and created 33 chances this season. The problem with Noble is that he hasn’t even won over the fans of his own club, much less the entire nation – so his odds of winning over Hodgson are slim.

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  • Northern Sold says:

    Some of our fans have blinkered vision. The reason our English players haven’t been called up is because they are not good enough. Noble? don’t make me laugh. He wins Hammer of the year because our squad was dross. Now we have better players, Noble is nowhere near Hammer of the year. Championship player.

  • David Moss says:

    The only two players that might make the England squad are Cresswell and Jenkinson – Carroll and Tompkins are injured. I would have liked to see Downing play, but what do you do with a manager that plays him out of position and injured; then promptly drops him. It might make an interesting analysis of the teams Mr Hodgson uses!

  • ian bradford says:

    I agree with the other guys comments. I know Noble is considered Mr West Ham because of his commitment and length of time there but he is squad player, not an England player. If West Ham are going to progress they have got to start looking at players far superior to Noble. I dont think Cresswell is ready either. ! season in the premiership is no proof of ability to aspire to World Class-yet! Another season to determine that he has the qualifications should do the trick one way or the other. Jenkinson is definately not ready, he still too raw at the edges. So at the moment. forget it, we aint holding any trump cards for England!!!!

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