West Ham should pull the plug on this potential transfer

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Matthew EtheringtonMatthew Etherington made 195 appearances for West Ham under the guidance of Alan Pardew. He played a key role in two pushes for promotion and scored in the Play-Off semi-final in 2004 and also assisted Bobby Zamora’s winning goal the following year. Etherington was also named ‘Hammer of the Year’ in his first season with the club. He scored 18 times for West Ham before being sold to Stoke City in 2009.

The rumours have recently surfaced of a return to West Ham for the English winger. On hearing this I was bemused. Yes, Etherington was a fantastic player for the club during the Championship years, but he is now 33, and we’re in the Premier League.

Matthew’s contract ran out at Stoke City at the end of last season, and he is yet to find a club. It’s no surprise that a 33-year-old player who relied on his pace (which inevitably decreases with age) is struggling to find a club who will pay him Premier League wages outside of the top division. 

West Ham would almost be bailing him out by doing so. I would suggest that he should only be taken on by a recently promoted side, for his experience, or by a Championship side. Once upon a time I loved Matthew Etherington. He was one of the best players in the first West Ham side I truly supported. And I wouldn’t be over-excited if West Ham brought back Zamora, Nigel Reo-Coker or Marlon Harewood, either. 

The rumour appears to have lost legs but I don’t care how cheap of a contract he is willing to take, we don’t need a winger, especially one who will offer as little as Etherington. Don’t tarnish those good memories of mine Matty and West Ham – pull the plug. 

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  • roger holcombe says:

    Maybe they just thought he would improve on

    Cole Vaz Te and Nolan

  • BOYSIE says:

    I am horrified at the thought of Etherington returning.
    He only ever gave west ham 65 mins in a game then disappeared into midfield and clogged them up. Although the bookies may be glad to see him again.
    West Ham bailed him out once before lets leave it at that
    please !

  • Simon says:

    Funny you should generate an excuse at age 33 for ME not worth re signing – i happen to agree, but Demel is the same age and many still deem him a worthy inclusion for the squad – i dont, he doesnt have the legs for a PL player – and if honesty is on the table, rumour has it west ham had to offload before signing Amalfitano – wouldnt it have been the perfect time to send Vaz Te packing to accommodate- as it stands i believe we have stopped trying for him now as he turned down the contract we offered – shame considering we really need to push Jarvis for competition for a place, and not least because we have no one to cover that side of the field consistently – using Diame out wide just plays him out of his best position which should be alongside Noble in midfield and Kouyate – on a plus side Fanimo should be blooded to help cover that role, but of course knowing conservative Sam he would rather give the hopeless Vaz Te a game – imo west ham will continue to struggle for consistency and results while CCole and Vaz Te are considered adequate options for selections, neither possess the quality to be PL standard players, Demel is another who will now struggle at this level – these type players are the ones that need to be offloaded regardless, we may not e able to replace all of them but we have youth in Chambers, Fanimo, Potts, Elliot Lee, aswell as options for CD that could do as good a job as any of them when called upon, even as inexperienced as they are their enthusiasm would be priceless – Vaz Te doesnt play with heart or passion for the club or the game, just a selfish paycheque squad addition. Sams downfall is his conservatism in who he trusts to do a job, it also dictates the tactics he uses to suit the players he selects.

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