Is he the man to deliver what the West Ham board wants?

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Sam AllardyceSince David Gold’s itchy thumbs earlier this week, I found the issue of Sam Allardyce’s current employment status was still very much on the lips of the West Ham faithful.

It is understood that at the end of last season Sullivan and Gold decided to put their faith in Sam’s ability to manage the club for the coming season. He was told that attaching football was to be a priority and subsequently players were brought in to facilitate that new view, even though Sam might not have held the reigns for all the transfers.

As soon as I heard that they were almost forcing Allardyce to play this style of football, doubts crept into my head about his ability to just change his ways and the rift that could be caused by the board making Allardyce play a certain way.

The man is known for his direct style of football and now the board is asking him to adapt his philosophy to be more attractive to the eye. Personally I don’t think it is a good idea to change too much this season under Sam. If sacking him isn’t an option I think making him play a style of football he isn’t accustomed to is a recipe for disaster.

As we have already seen in the pre-season matches, the new style isn’t working so well, but then I guess that’s what pre-season is for. Whilst last season wasn’t exciting we still finished in a respectable position, and the season before, an even better position, all with Big Sam in charge.

It is imperative that this season doesn’t end in a disaster, relegation. With the move to the Olympic Stadium on the horizon it is a very exciting time for the club, and the start of a new era perhaps, and we need to be in the Premier League for this new era.

The thought of relegation is still a very, very, distant thought, but if we try and change too much too soon it could become a reality in the not so distant future.

We have made some good signings this season, all more than capable of playing football which is attractive to the eye, but can Allardyce deliver? I appreciate the fact the board are listening somewhat to the fans and are making changes, but, as it has been said already, you don’t ask your butcher for medical advice! I think that if results don’t go our way early on, and the owners don’t sack the manager, Sam should revert to what he knows best, and in all fairness it did get us some good results last season, like those three absolutely spectacular wins against Spurs!

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  • JMan43 says:

    What new style, I’ve yet to see any difference from last season.

  • Cranham Hammer says:

    I have always supported SA – but now. I recorded the second game in NZ and wished I had never bothered. We were rank. No idea. Exactly the same game plan as last year. We bring in a good number of bright young enthusiastic players, who will get half a game here and there while SA’s usual ones struggle. When the young ones are played they play in the same way and the same position as the person they replaced. So no difference. By the time we get the ball into the oppositions half they have 10 men behind the ball

    In NZ we had no energy, no belief.

    By the time we get the ball into the oppositions half they have 10 men behind the ball. As usual the ball goes from the front all the way back to the defenders, who have no options in front of them – so it goes back to the keeper – either way it gets booted upfield or off the pitch. THE SAME EVERY WEEK …………..Until ………bye bye SA.

    It had better come soon or we will be back in the *^”~ by the end of September.

  • jaybs says:

    We have made some! good signings, not sure how much that is down to Big Sam or Our Owners, would you trust Sam with your money? but I just can’t see Sam changing, he is too old school now and fixed in his stubborn ways, is he bothered? I doubt it, because he would lap up the pay off and know some club would come along and offer him work if they just want survival. With the Olympic Stadium move getting closer all the time that is not good enough for West Ham, time for Sam to go before the season starts.

  • TonyP says:

    There is no “new style”. Why do people keep falling for Allardyce’s excuse??
    The players and tactics that has been used pre-season are exactly those that were adopted last year.

    For goodness sake, open your eyes.

  • Dave says:

    write about something new and interesting, this is getting boring now to say the least.
    You have written the same piece about 15 times just in a different order.
    I was talking to one of the academy coaches this am, and he was telling me that they are losing the best players and finding it difficult to recruit because they know BFS doesn’t give youth a chance.
    Where as 10 years ago and up to Zola there was a real interest in what was coming through, this doesn’t happen from the top anymore, which has apparently caused a lot of unrest between the board and manager.
    Also interestingly the coach was saying that the facilities at West Ham’s academy are now 30 years behind the other top clubs, where they have not invested in new set ups, training facilities and the whole package.
    He reckons we are going to struggle more and more attracting the top youngsters unless we invest in the infrastructure and facilities.
    Apparently Tony Carr is massively peed off with the attitude of senior management, and this sped up his decision to move away from the academy.
    We have always ranted about the academy, but apparently its in need of a massive revamp.

  • Legends says:

    Sam should have gone at the end of the season. all theyve done is delayed the inevitable and invited a mass fan revolt during the season (which cant be good for player motivation).
    i do like some of the signings so far but i can still see big gaps in the squad.
    – no 4th centre back, no winger/jarvis replacement, no creative passing midfielder (unless you give Poyet a run which Sam wont), a quality striker.

    And let’s be fair if Reid and Morrison dont sign new contracts. they should be sold! .. This means there’s still alot of work to be done in the transfer market, with the new season just around the corner..

    with all this rubbish about 10th position or better. we’re suffering from a distinct lack of ambition and imagination. … Sam out, bring back a supported and funded Franco Zola!

  • notanyoldiron says:

    Agree with all the comments. But we are where we are. He is staying…….for now. He will get
    10 games to show what he can do. We have made some good signings, and have, for once, the makings of a team who can play football, the W Ham way, and finish top half, as a minimum. If he can’t do that then he’s finished.

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