Time for West Ham to sell?

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Mohamed Diame Stoke CitySo, Mohamed Diame is the latest Hammers player to speak out and basically give West Ham the finger. What a charmer!

In case you haven’t seen Diame’s comments, here’s what he said to a French newspaper:

“Two years ago [before joining West Ham] I wanted to join a team with ambitions.”

“Overall, my season has been okay, although I think it is not up to last season. I started badly, but gradually I got my bearings.”

“Liverpool? I can’t tell you if I will be a Liverpool player next season. But I think my name is still on their wanted list.”

“I don’t hide it, I’m ambitious and I want to join a top 6 side. I am 26 years old and it’s time to take that step.”

Firstly, I think he needs to have a good look at himself before thinking he can waltz into a top six team with the mediocre performances he has put in this season. He seems to have only really shown up in the last few games, coincidentally especially when the Hammers’ matches have been against bigger clubs. Funny how it’s nearing the end of the season and the transfer window – why couldn’t he have shown that effort and desire in all of our games?!

For me, once a player starts speaking out against the club and vocalising the fact that they want out, it’s time for them to go. But I’m not sure a top six club are going to want to take a punt on a player who doesn’t always turn up! For me, Diame has been lazy for a lot of this season and just doesn’t seem interested. Even if Sam Allardyce isn’t playing him in the position he’s accustomed to, he should still be trying his best for the team!

What do you think? Should West Ham be trying to hold on to Diame, or is it time for him to be sold on? Leave a comment or tweet me at @alwaysintune.

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  • Tyler Lingwood says:

    Let him go!

  • Jamie says:

    He’s still one of our best players, problem is if he wants to go, whats the point in trying to keep him? Does he still have his 3.5mil release clause? In my eyes he’s better than Nolan but not as good as Morrison so if we bring Rav back i wouldn’t be so worried about Mo going.

  • jaybs says:

    If a player wants to leave, there is nothing we can do! perhaps he sees nothing ever changing under Sam, fighting for survival each season, with Revel, he should never have been loaned out, but I doubt he will wan to return with Sam in charge. Don’t think we will have to worry about Carroll leaving, or anyone coming in to tempt him away!

  • Dublin hammer says:

    Why keep him ‘ did Sam not see that he was playing with 10 men for all the game( he’s crap ) and as for big Sam I don’t know what he’s up to on the sideline ;; please go to the stands and have a look

  • petes says:

    After his game against the gooners is it true that rival clubs are having
    a collection fo to keep diame the only condition is we play him.In a game we could have at least come away with a point,a poor clearance by downing assisting their first goal,just seemed to deflate the boys.The second half became a farce with misplaced passing lack of ideas,and long punts to carrol with no body to pick up any knockdowns.BFS said pre match he had asked the team to go out and give of their best the result was very poor.It must be now time to consider from the manager down where we aim next season their is obviously lot of dead wood that needs pruning and serious thought given to our future,as a force in the modern game.THIS has to stop we are so predictable teams just know how to get 3 points against us so we had four wins 1 because the team facing us made us look good I followed the Hammers for some 60 yearsi have been excided ,deflated ,seen relegation promotions but stlll been there.Just please can we get a club that with my present state of frustration HAS AMBITION NOT ONE THAT TALKS IT !!!!!!!

  • East yorks irons says:

    Diame on his day is class but rare seems very lazy, need to bring back ravel, shining light , can’t see Sam ever taking us any higher than where we are needs to start bringing in some young talent, not passed greats who’ve had there better years, got a good keeper now good striker ( Carroll ) Morrison Reid Tompkins build round that need a clear out, if we’re going to Olympic stadium need to go to next level

  • JB says:

    He’s not giving West Ham the finger. He’s giving Sam the finger!

    • JB says:

      If the truth be known there are probably many players in the West Ham squad who feel the same way as Diame, and this would explain why that’s 20 pts that West Ham have now lost this season while being in winning positions. That’s more than any other club in the Premier League. What is that telling us about West Ham. Well it tells me that maybe there is an extreme lack of confidence running through the entire team. Still I suppose that is not surprising when you’ve had all of your natural creative ability drummed out of you & just do as I say or get dropped. I’d just like to know what goes on at those training sessions. That’s all I can say.

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