This transfer rumour shows West Ham mean business

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Jeremy MenezTwo and a half months until the summer transfer window officially opens, and rumours have unsurprisingly, already started doing the rounds of Twitter. The reliable @ExWHUemployee tweeted this past week to confirm that the club has held talks with PSG winger Jeremy Menez, following the versatile attacker falling out of favour with Laurent Blanc at Parc des Princes.

Speaking to the French media, Menez has been quoted as saying: “I’m at the end of my contract (at the end of the season), and we haven’t been able to reach an agreement. So, it’s going to be difficult to stay.”

From West Ham’s point of view, the capture of Menez would be a brilliant one, and a real statement of intent – a technically gifted winger recognised across Europe with undeniable pace, and the ability to play on either the left or right side of a front three.

In securing Menez we’d be adding a whole new aspect to our attack, as the Frenchman is much more of a playmaker than the wingers currently at the club. The likes of Stewart Downing and Matt Jarvis do not possess the natural ability to unlock defences in the same way that the out-of-favour Menez does, and have evidently been told their job is to get down the channels, beat the full back, and deliver a cross for Big Andy Carroll. Jeremy Menez’ style of play and technical ability would be able to offer a lot more than that, and I am sure Hammers fans would be ecstatic if the club were to pull this one off.

Despite this, the deal is undoubtedly a long shot as various media sources are reporting that Menez’ situation has attracted interest from Premier League sides Arsenal and Liverpool, and most notably from Italian giants, Juventus. A move to one of Europe’s elite and Champions League football would probably be too attractive for Menez to turn down, especially with a place in France’s Euro 2016 squad in his sights – the winger has also been quoted as saying: “My objective will be Euro 2016… For my good, I have to get back onto the pitch, enjoy myself and get my confidence back”.

This probably isn’t the last we’re going to hear about this deal, and I am sure as the summer progresses and the window draws closer, we will as per usual, be linked with near enough every player on the planet. The signing of Jeremy Menez would without question, be a major coup for the club, but the owners will undoubtedly have their work cut out competing with some of Europe’s elite clubs for the Frenchman’s signature. I for one would love to see this transfer come off, but in all honesty I cannot see too much coming of the interest and I assume that he will sooner rather than later, be picked up by a side offering European Football.

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  • JB says:

    For 4 minutes, last night, West Ham were on 40 pts. Just 4 lousy minutes, that’s all it took for West Ham to relinquish their lead. That’s 20 pts that West Ham have now lost this season while being in winning positions. That’s more than any other club in the Premier League. What is that telling us about West Ham. Well it tells me that maybe there is an extreme lack of confidence running through the entire team. Still I suppose that is not surprising when you’ve had all of your natural creative ability drummed out of you & just do as I say or get dropped. I’d just like to know what goes on at those training sessions. That’s all I can say. Oh, and forget about holding talks with PSG, not until we have safety assured, as it’s all a waste of time holding transfer talks if we haven’t even got safety. In mean who in their right minds will want to come here from the likes of PSG & whoever if we are in the Championship? Pre-match interview Sam just said, “YES WELL THEY (by they, I presume he meant Fulham & Cardiff, I suppose Sunderland getting 4 wins & a draw from 6 games to overtake us on 38 pts, does seem a bit out of the question, but Fulham can definitely get 3 out of 4 from who they face next) HAVE TO GET 3 WINS, so maybe this, it seems, is all that Sam is hoping for, just to fall over the line & get safety, and also, I don’t rate Andy’s chances with Roy Hodgson’s selection for Brazil, with Andy only scoring 9 goals for us in 2 years. Honestly, how can Roy pick him? I’d like, & I think all West Ham’s paying fans would like to see West Ham finish the season by winning as many games as possible with power, style & passion, not just limply fall over the line!!!!

    • JB says:

      I think West Ham fans would be ecstatic, if the manager didn’t rely on players forgetting all of their natural possesion & field work in favour of them just getting crosses up to Andy Carroll. Can’t Sam see? Everyone is now onto this & are marking Andy out of existence. How can talented players be persuaded to come here, when they know that they will be told to forget all of their natural flair & ability & just pump it up to our God of Andy Carroll. It’s no wonder we’ve had trouble getting players to come here. They know what to expect. Zola, being from Chelsea, knew how West Ham became West Ham. West Ham were the 1st English club to play clever European style possesion football. That’s how we broke out of the 2nd division in 1958 & became someone while Malcolm Allison was captain, who passed his training & knowledge onto Bobby Moore before he became coach at Man City. I mean watching the current West Ham team’s style of play is like watching football out of the 1950s, before West Ham changed it forever. All of the big clubs later cottoned on, that this West Ham European style of play was they way to take football to the next level, and they did take it, and instead of West Ham getting the glory, no the Liverpools, Man Utds & whoever got the glory. The current West Ham games are like watching a team that is devoid of confidence in its midfield working the ball upfield. Its like going backwards in time. If we didn’t have the players I could understand it, but we do have the players. Just inviting a team to come & get us is not the way. I’ve had enough of this season already. I’d like to look forward to a new season with new coaching tactics in place!

  • RR says:


    • JB says:

      That’s putting it simply RR. If that’s what the majority of fans want, then the club has to listen COYI

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