No longer a rumour…this deal is happening!!


Thanks to B Palmer, news has emerged that Yakubu will undergo a medical at the club next week, with the club confident that the deal is done. He was a player who interested us from the off, but a contract in China was believed to be large enough to prise him away from English football. It has seemed that he has changed his mind, which is fantastic news for West Ham fans as it appears that he has chosen Upton Park as his home for next season. Here we take a look at the player, and what he can offer us next year.

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The outstanding fact here is that in a otherwise unnotable season for Blackburn Rovers, Yakubu managed to score an impressive 17 goals, putting him joint fourth alongside the Clint Dempsey and Emmanuel Adebayor. The fact is, Yakubu is a goalscorer. He has the physical attributes, and the ability to bring others into the game, just as Carlton Cole does, but he scores goals. The facts speak for themselves. In the last seven seasons where he has played more than 25 games in a season, he has got an average of 14 goals a season. His only barren spell in his Premier League career came in his spell at Everton where he was not a regular, managing just 10 goals in three seasons.


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But the message is clear; if he is played on a regular basis, he will score lots of goals. We need a goalscorer in the Premier League, and a strike force of Cole, Yakubu, Ricardo Vaz Te, Nicky Maynard and another young forward/winger (either Zaha/Joselu/Rhodes) would surely get us enough goals, and we could then turn our attention to our defence. Its astounding when you realise that Yakubu is still only 29, and has a good few seasons left in him. When you consider he will only cost us £2m at the very most, and last week we were trying to sign an older, less talented, less prolific striker in Grant Holt for 3 times that fee, this transfer makes nothing but sense. If this deal does go through, hats off to Big Sam for an excellent addition to our side.

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  • Daniel says:

    yeah hope we get him and he stays fit

  • Peter says:

    If we do get him it is a cheap deal to get someone who has a good goal scoring record in the prem.Yes we hope he stays fit,but even some younger players get injured and never recover.I wouldn’t be surprised if someone came in for Cole.

    • The Cat says:

      Why oh why does signing the Yak mean Cole has to or will leave???
      If I had a penny for all the people that spouted that nonsense I would be a rich man. It is that sort of mentality that keeps this club small!

  • worcester hammer says:

    it could be a goood start, played well last season in a poor side-which bolds well. but you are right we will need a few more players yet. both full backs,centre h, defensive mid, right & left wing. another forward plus a goal keeper, pity about rob-worth paying afew £s more, but was he wanted! Paul robinson would be a good replacement even if an ex spud, and i think a better player now. coyi

  • Garry says:

    Hope this deal doesn’t happen jones would be a much better buy

    • BrendanWHU says:

      Ya, a guy who scored 18 goals in the Premier League last year is worse than a guy who has scored 10 goals in the last 2 years… you need to find a doctor and get your head checked

      • Garry says:

        Jones is big and strong and got stoke to the fa cup final untill they got lanky crouch. The yak was shit at everton and would be worse for us

    • Mike says:

      Kenwyne Jones is poo. Cole is much better than him

  • The Cat says:

    Don’t rise to it Brendan, obviously a bit of fishing going on. If the deal does happen it will be just the competition our strikers need and we’re not breaking the bank to sign a Premiership threat!

  • Robert Fincham says:

    Yakubu is a much better goalscorer than Jones and will probably cost less.

  • Lall says:

    The Yak would be a great addition to the hammers squad. COYI!

  • john says:

    someone on twitter confirming a deal does not make it so. These ITK’s on twitter are not always what they seem. believe it when it happens.

  • Blimey says:

    He’ll be the next-coming of Benni Macarthy….

  • ben says:

    crap no good we want young good players not someone looking to finnish his career………come on west ham. this is like eating a soggy chrisp your kid just put back in the bag. nooooo good.

  • Ian Walker says:

    Same old west ham the safe retirement home for players looking to see out their careers on the treatment table with a large pay paket. Please take a chance on some younger hungry players…..

  • The Cat says:

    People who know football have well thought out considered veiws on players and are a little sussed when it comes to understanding that young TALENTED goalscorers:-
    1. COST!
    2. There is no way in the world right now we would be in with a chance of signing them.
    3. GAMBELING on our FIRST season back in the Premiership on UNPROVEN players is NOT an option!
    4. YAK = PROVEN goalscoring ability at Premiership level (17 last season)

    Are SOME West Ham supporters DELUDED?…. You Betcha!

  • The Cat says:

    * correction “GAMBLING”

  • Stew says:

    You take one person’s word as certain truth, you’re so naive it’s embarrassing.

    • The Cat says:

      I’m sure most people know it’s speculation until it is in black and white on the OS! But feel free not to get involved though!

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