Time to get him off our books!


It finally looks like Pablo Barrera may get his wish and many fans wish and end his huge Hammers flop. The best thing that could possibly come out of his less than mediocre stay in East London, is that we can make more money than we spent on his purchase.

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For some reason it seemed that our former tactically inept manager, Avram Grant, spent too much time watching the World Cup in South Africa where Barrera spent some team in the Mexican national team and played relatively well. Though as the saying goes ‘Don’t buy players on tournament form’, we decided to ignore this and signed Pablo on a 4 year deal for 4 million pounds. It wasn’t all bad though, we thought that we had unearthed some Mexican superstar, to be fair to Grant; Manchester United had just signed Javier Hernandez who was completely unknown.

He came on as a sub in our first game of the season in that 3-0 loss away to Villa, the jury was still out, and would stay out for the rest of the season. He only made 6 starts in that season and having signed a player for 4 million pounds and then not see him play, was heavily embarrassing. He said as he joined the club at the start of his first season, ‘I can’t wait to show the West Ham fans what I can do.’ We are still waiting and I hope we will always have to wait.



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The question that will loom over his time in London, if he does eventually leave and if reports are to be believed, it looks as if he will. The question is why has Barrera been able to have such a successful career in the Mexican national team and not in the West Ham team?

You would hear some say that he struggled to settle in London, but I cannot accept this. He is most definitely on stupid wages and he is a professional footballer, if he knew that he couldn’t settle in London, why join? If you want European football, go to Spain where the culture is very similar.

This signing for me sums up an awful campaign under Grant and is one that I would like to forget quickly. It was the marquee summer signing during that campaign, and for me if he leaves and I hope he does, it will be the best return we could make.

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  • scott says:

    Barrera has done nothing wrong here – It’s a shame it didn’t work out but good luck to the lad. Would like to have seen more of him but I’m sure there are reasons why it didn’t work out.

    In terms of being eager to see the back of him, that’s a bit harsh considering we’ve still got players like Freddie f***ing Piquionne drawing a wage from the club.

  • dazza says:

    what are you on about scott? barrera has done nothing WRONG here. as far as what iv seen of him he done nothing RIGHT. he was not up to standard that’s the reason why he didn’t work out.

  • james says:

    He was an arse from the moment he said West Ham were a stepping stone to a bigger club….well what a stepping stone that was, back to his native 2nd rate mexican league. Only good for chilli con carne

  • The Cat says:

    I’ll be glad to see the back of Barrera for a few reasons. Firstly as James stated he looked at West Ham as a stepping stone and was quoted. Whether he didn’t apply himself fittingly for the opportunity he received to come to a club West Ham is not quite clear but I think the clue is in what happened to him once he made his dream and favoured move to Spain (where there are no language or cultural barriers as some have suggested was the reason for his failure with West Ham!)… He proved he simply wasn’t good enough, in Britain Or Spain.
    Selling him (for “Something!”) in Mexico where his stock is high will guarantee a small recoup on what we paid for him, get him OFF the wage bill & free up some space for someone who “Can” contribute to the cause and play a part in this coming season.
    Adiós Barrera!

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