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Husillos considering resignation

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West Ham recruitment chief Mario Husillos is considering resigning his position with the club due to a build-up of criticism directed at him in recent times, according to Football Insider.

A number of poorly performing summer signings have led to increased pressure on the Argentine, who was brought in as a direct result of a recommendation from manager Manuel Pellegrini.

It is understood that the 60-year-old has become tired of a barrage of blame from both supporters and club insiders, and may walk away from the Hammers as a result.


It’s hard to know what to make of this. Clearly, Husillos’ signings have not had the desired effect for the Hammers, who are in serious danger of slipping into a fully-fledged relegation battle if things don’t improve quickly. That being said, how much blame can really be laid at his door? There have been flashes of what these players can do, and it seems to be issues with consistency and confidence that are really at the heart of the Irons’ problems this term. If that is the case, does the buck not stop with Manuel Pellegrini for his coaching methods and his downright stubbornness in certain tactical situations? The decision to play Pablo Zabaleta against Newcastle United’s Allan Saint-Maximin comes to mind – a performance so bad that he has not played since, as per Whoscored. Surely, that’s not the recruitment’s fault, but rather the inefficient deployment of the resources available. Nobody will lose any sleep if Husillos does walk, but this slump goes way above his head too.

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