West Ham fans react to Noble penalty

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Sometimes in football, you’ve got to be careful not to get carried away. Preseason is arguably the part of the year when that is a principle that should be stuck to very, very rigidly. Players are still finding their feet, results get distorted, and it can lull fans into false hopes and unnecessary panics. And it’s fair to say that West Ham fans might have jumped the gun a little bit when they celebrated Mark Noble giving them the lead against Manchester City from the penalty spot. The Hammers are out in China for the Premier League Asia Trophy at the moment, and things were looking very bright when the captain smashed home from 12 yards, as he so often does. 24 times, in fact, he has done it over the course of his top flight career [Premier League]. From there, however, things began to ravel pretty quickly, and the final score ended 4-1 to the champions. Still, it was fun while it lasted, and the reaction from some fans was enough to suggest that at the very least, there is a renewed, if slightly tongue-in-cheek, sense of optimism about this side. Here’s to hoping that results get better when the Premier League proper gets underway in August.

Forever West Ham have gathered some of the best tweets below:

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