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Hernandez was in training

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Javier Hernandez was in training for West Ham yesterday, but avoided having his photo taken because he was conscious of his haircut, according to ExWHUemployee.

The £140,000-a-week Mexican [Spotrac] has been linked with a move away from the Hammers this summer, as reported by The Sun, and couldn’t be seen in any photographs of yesterday’s training session.

But it is believed that after dying his hair bright orange, the 31-year-old made a deliberate effort to not get snapped by a photographer.

Speaking on the West Ham Way podcast, Ex said: “Hernandez, people were saying that he wasn’t in training because he didn’t feature in any photos, but he was there.

“This is a strange story, but he was conscious of his hairstyle and his weight, so he deliberately didn’t appear in any photos.

“The situation with Hernandez is that we are worried about having a complete revolution of forwards so Pellegrini is thinking that if he stays another year there is at least some consistency.”


The main take away from this bizarre story is that a fully grown man has willingly and voluntarily dyed his hair bright orange, and yet doesn’t have enough conviction to be seen out in public with it. It’s an odd one, but follicular misadventures aside, this is a good thing for West Ham. It has seemed for some time that Hernandez has been destined to leave the Irons this summer, but on the basis of Ex’s latest update, it sounds as if he could stay put. Last season, the Mexican really didn’t hit the heights he will have hoped to in east London. He managed a total of just 1.2 shots on target per 90 minutes [Whoscored], and with stats so low, it’s unsurprising that he only returned eight goals. That being said, if the Hammers can bring in a proper partner for him, or even somebody to lead the line until he makes his entrance from the bench, Herandnez can still have a very important part to play for this side. 

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