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Hammers fans react as Andy Carroll names son ‘Wolf Nine’

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West Ham fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts after striker Andy named his new born son ‘Wolf Nine’.

Now while, each is entitled to name their children whatever they choose, it must be said, ‘Wolf Nine’ is an, interesting, choice.

‘Wolf Nine Carroll.’

‘Wolf Nine You Have Stole Our Hearts 15-11-17 #BabyBoy #Wolfie #MyLittleChubbyCub’.’ read an Instagram post from Carroll’s partner and former TOWIE star Billi Mucklow after the birth of their second child.

The boy is the pairs second child together, with their other son Arlo being born almost two years ago.

I for one, am not one to talk, I too have a rather unique name, however I was fortunate enough that neither of my parents were not professional sports stars who could somehow squeeze their favourite number onto my birth certificate.

The fans too seem to think the name is rather unconventional …

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