How important was this deal for West Ham?

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James TomkinsDefensive shortages have hindered West Ham again this season.

The failure to secure adequate reinforcements in the centre half position has proved costly, with manager Sam Allardyce citing a thin squad and fatigue as the reason some poor performances.

The club was beset with injury problems last season, most notably highlighted during the cup games at the start of 2014.

Unsuccessful loan signings and players underperforming out of position meant the squad struggled on the whole.

But one player who has remained fairly constant is James Tomkins.

Although still one to have suffered his own run of injuries, the 25-year-old has been a regular performer and was recently rewarded with a long-term contract.

With more than 200-games under his belt for the club, he has a growing level of experience which was important not to lose.

The Basildon born defender has often been linked with moves away from his roots, most notably to Newcastle during Alan Pardew’s time there, but no firm offer was ever came in.

Despite finding himself in hot water off the pitch, Tomkins has remained level headed on it, without ever bubbling over into brilliance.

He is a solid centre-half, with pace and the ability to play passes out of the back.

He lacks any real leadership, and clearly does not have the stand-out abilities of fellow Academy graduate Rio Ferdinand, but has shown himself to be adaptable and dependable.

Holding on to one of their own is important for the club, and there is no doubt he is a valuable resource in an era when players move so freely from all around the World.

Removing the questions around his future can hopefully allow him to further improve as a player, and maybe eventually make a break through on the international scene.

With a distinct dearth of defensive options at England level, Tomkins should use the stability and faith offered by the club to boost his personal ambitions.

If he does find a way to step-up, then the money for the new contract would have been well worth the investment.

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  • Ryanlee says:

    Yes a good player for our club but does need to improve in some area’s but overall pleased hes got a long term contract. Don’t think he could make a captin of the team but is a vital cog in our defence. If Reid goes then mich Richards would be a good partner for tomkins!.

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