FIVE reasons why Big Sam deserves a new contract at West Ham

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Samuel Allardyce, a man who divides the Upton Park faithful in two. Much like marmite you either love the 60-year-old or you hate him. The Dudley-born man is entering the final six months of his contract but proudly sees his side sit in a Champions League spot. After hanging on to his job at the end of last season by his fingernails he is now profiting from a summer of good signings and a newfound style of play that is leaving the West Ham fans on the edge of their seats.

Suddenly the ‘Anti-Big Sam Brigade’ is being silenced and the positivity surrounding the club is back, what a difference a summer makes! Sam Allardyce will have to keep up this exciting brand of football though if he wants to remain in the Upton Park hot seat come August next year. Below I will explain why I believe Mr. Allardyce SHOULD stay as Hammers manager.

It is not only me, who as you know has been a constant supporter of Sam Allardyce, despite some pretty dire football during my four-year tenure as a season ticket holder. But a poll that I put on Twitter earlier showed that maybe just maybe Allardyce is starting to win the fans over, edging the vote 8-5.

Here are my five reasons why I believe Allardyce deserves to take the Hammers into the final season at the Boleyn.
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  • Chris says:

    I think that’s a fair list. I was never Anti Allardyce just Anti dire Football. I don’t dislike the man, he can be a bit brash and as others have often said it’s not often if ever I can remember him holding his hands up and saying “I made a mistake” but if you ask him he would probably still defend the decisions he’s made in the past and sees things through different eyes than us fans. I’m just glad the feelgood factor seems to be finally back at the club and I’m not even going to think about how long it’s going to last I’m just going to enjoy it while it does.

    I for one am a far happier hammer than last season, thanks to Sam, Teddy and not to forget the board who I think done OUTSTANDING work in the Summer.

    Roll on Saturday, would take a point right now I think but let’s all hope it’s a cracker of a game.


  • Clifton says:

    At the start of the season I was one of the people shout for him to get the sack. Now he has the players all fit and playing well. If he carry’s on playing attacking football he has my support. So he deserves another contract and hopeful in can take up into Europe.

  • nedirons says:

    Sorry i do not think our recent change of play has anything to do with our manager although he seems to be taking all the credit for it. Teddy Sheringham is our unsung hero for this change and should be rewarded for this by being a little more appreciated.Well done Teddy keep up the good work.

  • James says:

    I don’t see much evidence in Sam developing players. Most of his targets are approaching their twilight playing years, and he has little to no interest in the youth. Downing has just benefited from a position change, and working with Teddy. I would give Sam recognition for developing Winston Reid, but I can’t think of many others.

    • Dave Branch says:

      Totally agree. One weak example in Downing then what… nothing. Stuart has been given a position change, end of. Perhaps Allardyce should also be given credit for improved fiscal results in Belgium this quarter??

  • The Cat says:

    I mean how can the manager of this football club with over 40 years experience in the game be responsible for anything that has happened at this club???

    I thought his job was just to be a figurehead and draw abuse from deluded supporters.

  • Flamineo says:

    The author is an idiot.

  • beckton Geoff says:

    I’m not a BFS fan but we have done good so far this season so will done boys COYI!!

  • Johnny Mac says:

    It’s a done deal

  • Spence55 says:

    Typical knee-jerk stuff !!! Several months ago SA was TOLD that Teddy Sheringham was coming to help him on the offensive side of the game, it was NOT his decision or to his liking. He put up with it because he wanted to keep his job. The fans clamour for change was reaching a crescendo and wisely, our two owners acted and splashed the cash big time bringing in players that would never have been on the Allardyce radar. In short he was FORCED at gun-point to change or die. How naïve and simplistic are those who believe Sam Allardyce has suddenly seen the light and changed his entire philosophy and playing style overnight.

    I have never been anti Allardyce, but anti route-one Sunday League style football for my club. What we are seeing know is the real deal and worth paying for. Well done the board, a huge thanks to those enlightened fans who refused to accept dire mediocrity and made their valid feelings heard loud and clear, and well done Sam and the staff for taking on board what needed to be done and making such a good fist of it.

    Now we can move forward and give the man a deal as long as he realises and understands what is required. COYI.

    • Johnny Mac says:

      Sam is still looking forward to AC returning in 2 – 3 weeks. Just preparing you folks, as what are you gonna do when Sam’s favourite AC returns and upsets the apple cart? I cannot for the life of me, see any part for AC in this team now, except to be used as a sub (if we have to) in the last 15 minutes of a game, and a £15M player on £100,000 per week is quite an expensive sub for West Ham to maintain on their books, and it is £100,000 per week that AC demanded, as part of his contract that had to raised from £90,000 otherwise he would not have signed for us, that’s some friend for West Ham eh? and with just 9 goals and 12 starting appearnces (with what is it 23 – 25 with substitutions) in 2 years under his belt that is one hell of an overpriced assett to keep on it’s books. Sorry Andy, I just have to say, that there is no way we would have been anywhere near 4th spot with you in the side, what do you reckon folks, this team is now light years away from his old 1950s style hoof it up front days. Even Carlton can fit in with these new lads, but AC, No.

      • Johnny Mac says:


  • Wiseman says:

    Sam was brought it to get us back to the premier league, he completed this task, he was then told to keep us, he completed that task. He was then instructed to change the way we play back to a passing game, and he’s done this. Why wouldn’t we give him a new contract. He’s done everything that’s been asked of him.

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