West Ham robbed of a result against Man United

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Sam Allardyce Manchester UnitedAnother day and another linesman and we could’ve been celebrating our first positive result at Old Trafford since Carlos Tevez’s infamous winner on the final day of the 06/07 season.

There was a lot to admire about our performance at Old Trafford; previous West Ham sides would’ve completely capitulated after conceding two goals so early at the so called ‘Theatre Of Dreams.’ However this current Hammers team carries a far greater goal threat and after Diafra Sakho’s lifeline (his fourth in four games) we gave this incredibly expensively assembled Manchester United team a stern examination, one they were very lucky to pass.

Wayne Rooney’s red card was the turning point of this contest; with United desperate to avoid back-to-back defeats they crammed everyone behind the ball in an attempt to frustrate and nullify the Irons’ attack. West Ham seized the initiative and began relentlessly attacking the home side; unfortunately that cutting edge which we found so ruthlessly against Liverpool seven days earlier had deserted us.

Beating 10 men isn’t easy; last season away to Cardiff City and home to Swansea City we were reduced to 10 men on both occasions and yet still ended up winning both games relatively comfortably. When sides have an advantage to protect and don’t need to attack it can be incredibly difficult to break them down and find that goal that would force them out; and unfortunately that is exactly what happened at Old Trafford.

The harsh reality is; the damage was done in the opening 22 minutes when we found ourselves 2-0 down, the positives were the way we fought our way back into the game and the unrelenting fashion in which we took the game to Manchester United after Rooney’s dismissal, in fact even before his departure we were on top and looked the better team.

Kevin Nolan’s disallowed equaliser and the sight of Man United fans whistling, baying and praying for the final whistle are memories which will linger, I just have to ask at the Stretford end with Man United 2-1 down would the linesman have put his flag up? I just don’t think so.

The performances thus far this season with the exception of Southampton have been of a great quality, and the signs of this new look Hammers side are very promising indeed. QPR at home next weekend will be a great opportunity for this new look side to impress yet again.

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  • Nikhil says:

    The offside decision was clearly correct so why are you criticising the linesman? Even with your best squad in years you struggled to get through a defence containing a 19 year old who struggles to play for the under 21s

  • Benjamin says:

    Man u in last week match was rob off their winning by wicked officiating. Now you west ham idiots wants the officials to favour like they did for liecester city last week. You should be ashame dt u couldn’t get break into the porous defence. The Return leg will be hell for u, just bet it.

    • Ron Herbert says:

      You are illiterate.

    • Spence55 says:

      …and now in English please……

    • Johnny Mac says:

      Why don’t you infiltrators get back to your own site. You must feel really insecure about the Man U team you have this season if you have to go poaching around other team’s sites, still I noticed Liverpool fans showed the same insecurity last year. I tell you what Benjamin, I’ll make a predediction for the return leg, and I’ll say 4-0 to West Ham, just the same score as it was in the League cup quarter final a couple of season’s back, and Nikhil, Nolan moved so quick he appeared offside, but check the replay, when the cross is struck, Nolan is behind the last line of defense, even if your reflexes are that slow you may see him in line, and in line, the benefit goes to the attacking team, so which ever way you look at it the real score was 2-2, and RVP will never get an easier gift to him again all season, so with West Ham’s 13 goal attempts as opposed to just Man U’s 8, then a West Ham victory would have been a truer result would have been a truer reflection on the day’s play, but you are right Ron & Spence, as why am I even bothering trying to respond to illiterate people. You mark my words, in the future, West Ham will be London’s & maybe even the EPL’s top team. The OS held 80,000 during the Olympics and when West Ham acheive that, we’ll leave Man U in our wake, can’t you infiltrators get, Man U have overspent and are IMPLODING!!! Come and join a decent club, COYI

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