FOUR things West Ham fans should stop moaning about

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Kevin NolanIt cannot be denied that victory over Crystal Palace merely painted over the cracks at West Ham United, and fans’ frustration resumed usual service at the Boleyn Ground last weekend. The defeat against Southampton was poor, admittedly – the performance of nigh on each player that took part was dismal, and the result was no less than we deserved on the day. Nonetheless, I cannot deal with another season like the last – constant negativity around the Boleyn Ground, split opinion, and a genuine divide amongst supporters. Here are five things we must stop complaining about if this season is to bring any sort of success:

1) The Olympic Stadium move

If there was ever going to be a subject that completely divided opinion amongst West Ham supporters, it was going to be a stadium move. The club’s securing of the Olympic Stadium left many traditional supporters alienated by the board, feeling that they were simply looking to cash in on the club once the move is complete.

I must say that personally, I have complete support in the move and whether or not the current owners will look to cash in when the opportunity presents itself, and to be quite honest, I’m really not too bothered.

The move to the Olympic Stadium will assist us in hopefully reaching that ‘next level’ of football club, with the increased revenue and sponsorship with any luck, helping us consistently compete amongst the elite of English football. If the board can benefit personally, whilst the club and its supporters do also, then why are we so hung up about the trio potentially cashing in, and selling up?

If the board selling up once the move is complete clears the way for an extremely wealthy businessman willing to pump millions of more pounds into the club, then who are we to complain? I constantly hear the moans and groans of supporters at the Boleyn Ground wishing for the club to progress, grow and be more successful – well believe it or not, this is the best opportunity we are going to get at exactly that.

If fans are willing to settle for mediocrity, seasons of uncertainty with the occasional high, then opposing the Olympic Stadium move makes total sense. If like me, you want the club to have ambition and seek progression and success, I think the move is a no brainer, and something we should back to the hilt.

2) The Board

Sometimes I wonder what David Gold and David Sullivan have to do to get some praise from Hammers supporters. When you look at the state the club was in after Eggert Magnusson’s time in charge, it’s evident that the club has come on ten fold, financially.

We are at last, seemingly financially stable and securing the signatures of some fine, young talents. The transfer window just gone was particularly impressive, and Gold and Sullivan done fine jobs in adding the likes of Carl Jenkinson, Aaron Cresswell, Cheikhou Kouyate, Morgan Amalfitano, and Enner Valencia, amongst exciting others to the playing staff at Upton Park.

The only criticism I do have of the board is their price of match day tickets, which are extortionate at the minute, and I am sure the board would gain a lot more support if they were to manage to bring these down. In terms of progression however, Gold, Sullivan, and Brady’s securing of the Olympic Stadium as our home ground from the 2016/17 season was an absolute coup, and will certainly enable us to grow and become the club we all want West Ham United to be.

3) The Manager – Sam Allardyce

Let me begin by admitting that up to now, the man in charge has warranted the majority of criticism he has received. In all honesty, we were extremely fortunate to stay in the Premier League last season, and had it not been for an extraordinary February, we would have been starting this campaign against the likes of Rotherham and Brentford rather than Tottenham Hotspur and Southampton. Despite not being a fan of Sam Allardyce, he is for one reason or another, clearly the board’s man – whether Gold and Sullivan have genuine faith in the boss, or whether they simply cannot afford to pay him off, Sam Allardyce will more than likely remain in charge for the duration of this season, and we must get behind him.

4) Kevin Nolan and Carlton Cole

Allardyce’s refusal to drop skipper and long-term friend Kevin Nolan has in a vast number of fans’ opinion, halted the side’s progression and denied other, perhaps more skilful attacking midfielders the opportunities they need. Despite this, fans are often quick to forget that Kevin Nolan was our top goal scorer during both our seasons back in the Premier League, notching 17 goals in that time. If you take away the skipper’s 10 goals from the 2012/13, and seven goals from the 2013/14 campaigns respectively, then we were in serious trouble.

Despite not being massively impressive figures, he has nonetheless, contributed the most in terms of goals in recent times. Similarly, Carlton Cole’s 15 goals in the Championship played a huge part in our promotion campaign at the first time of asking, and since then despite not setting the Premier League alight, has continued to lead the line in the absence of the ever-temperamental, Andy Carroll.

I am not for one moment saying that Carlton or Kevin have the quality to consistent start in a Premier League side, but constant criticism and getting on the pair’s backs will do them, us, and the side no favours whatsoever. Until our new boys start firing on all cylinders, Carlton and Kevin are our men, and we should get behind them, whatever our opinion.

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  • Deano says:

    I agree with you about the move and the board 100%. Your comments about Nolan and Cole are spot on! They have served their purpose to west ham and help get us where we are now! Thanks! Time to move on now. To progress as a team these players along with others need to be replaced with better quality! Simple as that! We have a seriously good squad now with competition for places! Not so much in defence but we have a good back 4. A good attacking minded manager who can mix up styles n formations would cream his pants with the options we have now! Not Sam though, same style same players used! Apparently new signings need at least most if a season to gradually get used to prem league!!! Bollox! Di Maria thrown straight in at utd! As will Falcao! As was Costa at Chelsea! In fact every club picks there best players! Not ours, Sam has his pets!

  • Bubs says:

    What’s the point of moaning any more BS will change or go the board will have no choice,this will stop the cole & Nolan problem and we will all get used to having the best ground in london

  • Johnny Mac says:

    I do think sometimes that West Ham fans expect too much from the club. Sure West Ham were unlucky to loose in the 93rd minute against Spurs, but we bounced back and got a result at a Palace, even be it with them being without a manager which probably helped us a bit. Then we played a club in the League Cup, who are a club who have to treat a cup game like it is all they have & for a team in Div 1, yes, that’s all they have a they kept themselves in it. I do think that West Ham’s recovery has to be worked on, i.e. you get a loss & then instead of going into a slump they bounce back & get a win in the following game. They didn’t do that against Saints. They seemed to still have a hangover from the League Cup exit, & hey, if you are a club like Man U, who are chock full of expensive stars & you finish in 7th, then yes, its clubs like them who should be annoyed with getting hangovers. One thing that Fergusson was good at with Manu, & that was getting his team to recover after their occassional loss. Why do West Ham expect & sometimes demand we are instantly a top 6 club because we aren’t. That has to be worked on & it has to be worked at blasted hard. Even the good team we had in the 60s had to work their guts out to be a good team (we’ve never been great team). I remember Bobby Moore working his guts out to lift his team mates week in week out to keep our club in the old 1st division. If we hadn’t had Bobby Moore in our team right through the 60s we probably would have ended up being a Charlton or dare I say a Millwall, who have been wallowed in the never never for ever. Stop expecting us to be a big club, stop knocking our club & start getting right behind our team again and give as much support as we can. They are going to need it, as even the big clubs never take success for granted. They have to work at it & they have to work at it damned hard & the last thing they need is the confidence knocked with too many moaning critics. Constructive criticism if fine, but the team don’t need their spirits broken. They need lifting COYI!

    • Johnny Mac says:

      And let’s wish our Joey O’Brien all the best for being picked for the Republic of Ireland squad in the Republic’s Euro 2016 qualifier in Georgia tomorow evening. All the best to you Joey, and I hope you are able to help the Republic get a win for Ireland!

    • The Cat says:

      Spot on Johnny Mac. Whenever I read the nonsense, drivel and corrosive bile spewed by people who claim to be supporters, deep down I know they’re NOT, because if they were and have supported West Ham long enough, they would know better and wouldn’t talk such nonsense.

      This club NOW has chairmen who are creating history in changing this club from a medium club who have occasionally had sprinklings of success throughout our history, to a medium to Big club steadily climbing the ladder as success is NOT and overnight thing.

      Phew, I was beginning to think that all of our supporters had been lobotomised, whereas not ALL of our more knowledgeable supporters can be bothered to write on forums & do battle with the less knowledgeable.

      Well said Johnny Mac.

  • peter iron says:

    Agree with you Callum , i do find the constant moaning and whining a complete turn off , and certain sites which seem to be some sort of club for the disaffected i don’t bother looking at anymore .It seems some fans will be quite happy to destroy the club as long as they destroy Allardyce ! I personally will welcome a better manager if and when we can attract one , but until it happens get behind the team ,the manager and the board .The supporters are part of the team as well you know. COYI

  • hammersmith says:

    A lot of the moaning is borne out of sheer frustration and the lack of tangible progress under Allardyce. It’s been the same old crap week in and week out since he took over.

    However, there are now signs of real improvement, maybe not yet in the form of results but the squad now bears comparison with any outside of the top 6. Of course we can’t get carried away but we can treat ourselves to a bit of optimism.

    I take on board the comments about Nolan’s goalscoring etc but the glow of optimism could be extinguished overnight if he is re-instated to the team as soon as he’s fit. I for one would give up any hope of progress under Allardyce and would definitely start moaning again.

  • firefighterx says:

    Brilliant Post….. Totally agree with everything you have said ! Lets for a change get behind everyone and give the new boys chance to settle in. I’m not a fan of sam’s way but needs must and were still there. Only person I;d change him for at the moment is Poyet.. would have been happy if we had signed a decent centre half and sorted out the Reid situation. But Hey Ho COUIs Show us what youve really got and have a great season.

  • Jonny ninja says:

    The moaning is pathetic and it hurts the team at home when there is no real support. Even calls to sack Sam over pre season results? I’m sometimes embarrassed to be a hammer, but then my generation supported the team win or lose, not just when things are going well like the pathetic twitter generation. We all need to remember the complete shambles 3 years ago and realise that the manager has fine a good job

    Good piece and difficult not to agree with it even though I have some slightly different views. People’s gripe about Nolan though is very short sighted. Technically he is not as good as zarate or Amalfitano but he is an incredible captain that keeps the team disciplined and together. Our shocking performance against soton in the second half was because we had no leaders on the park with ginge out as well. He plays a bigger role in the team than many realise and some care to admit

    • The Cat says:

      Jonny ninja just want you to know that I also feel the same and it is like holding back a tide of people who call themselves supporters, but only criticise.

      Maybe they would be better off elsewhere or looking up the word supporter in the English dictionary.

    • Dave Branch says:

      Incredible captain….keeps team disciplined and organised………bigger role in the team….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah……….priceless crap !!!!

  • christopher keen says:

    completely agree, west ham fans moan too much. should be putting energy into cheering the lads on and not being negative towards sam, the board and the players! but i do believe it is time for nolan and cole to move on.nolan especially!

  • hammer75 says:

    Good post but dissagee on the cole and nolan point nolan scored them goals but he cost us as many by not passing whrn tram mates in better position hel take a shot on n miss a creative mid like how zarate plays will score more and create aswell and cole yeah 15 goals helped us up that season but hes older now lacks pace and confidence sakho should start infront of cole ..coles a gd impact sub..and people say the board saved us were a popular london club if they hadnt bought us someone would of ..i dnt think the board respect our opinions on anything but il admit good transfer window if we had a manager who knew how to play the players weve brought in the right way to get the best from them..allardyce needs gone we survived last year on 40 points weve gone down with more points before i wouldnt say hes consistant luck and worse teams than us are the only reason were a prem side still this season

  • Harry says:

    “FOUR things West Ham fans should stop moaning about”

    “Here are five things we must stop complaining about if this season is to bring any sort of success:”

    Then you only list four

    I agree with the blog 110%, more so on the Cole & Nolan part

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