Another embarrassingly pointless attempt from a section of West Ham fans

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Sam-Allardyce2Well, here we go again. The Premier League season grows ever closer, just the time to consider your managers position.

This is the West Ham way we’ve been longing for. What a mess.

After a poor pre-season – and it is only pre-season – rumours are speculating that Big Sam Allardyce’s time is up (again). I’m personally a backer of Big Sam but I feel the board have to be held accountable for this position. It should be a “sack or back” mentality. I appreciate how much that sounds like a waxing treatment but if the board aren’t willing to let Big Sam be in full control of the team they shouldn’t keep him as manager. You may argue that Big Sam should leave if he’s not happy with the treatment, but why should he? He’s under contract and will want the compensation should he be sacked.

At this point in the season there should be no doubt that the manager in charge has full backing. After all, the obvious time to change has only just passed.

The more annoying thing for me is another pointless attempt from a selection of West Ham fans who have set up a petition. You know the things that are used to express discontent towards government decisions and to stop animal and human cruelty. But sure, a petition to rule sack Sam Allardyce will certainly work. Just like the last one and the fans poll.

It’s a right old mess at the moment and I don’t even like thinking about who’s in charge of transfers.

Remember: back or sack and don’t crack.

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  • notanyoldiron says:

    There will always be issues between the board and manager at any club. But what really annoys me is that at WHam, we seem to have to do it publicly. Absolutely brainless. If they don’t agree, sort it out behind closed doors. I have felt very positive about our new signings, but this public row has taken the edge of it. Totally unnecessary,

  • Jim says:

    are west ham still in the prem? wow, that’s a shock, terrible club famous for two things, being cheap and having scumbag fans. you’re not even a real football club, jog on back to the conference where you belong

    • James says:

      You obviously haven’y kept your eye on the Prem for a couple of years. But that’s understandable for a Millwall fan.

    • chris says:

      Scumbag thugs? You twat. Coming from a milwall fan. You gypsies only go to football for a punch up. Mug

    • rivieralet says:

      what a tosser …. yids or millwall scum ?

    • Bob says:

      Jim, why are you such a cock

    • Tom says:

      What are you doing posting that on a west ham fans website. Who do you support ‘scumbag’

    • marko says:


    • Scott says:

      Jim-Your a twat,
      3 words “academy of football”
      We also had the great Bobby Moore (west ham player) captain the England team the only time we have won the World Cup, not to mention Geoff Hurst’s hat trick. Also while we are on the subject of fans, we are probably the most loyal in England! We all follow West Ham over land & sea. COME ON YOU IRONS!!

    • will wise says:

      Jim your a fucking wasteman, ‘jog on’ back to the shitty den you belong

    • graham says:

      Having to ask what division a team is in says it all.
      Also on your extensive list of what we are known for you left out winning the world cup.

  • Frankie boy says:

    Jim. That’s a real fingers down the throat comment mate. Sour grapes or what? Go & sober up.

  • Dave says:

    Difficult situation, in Sam’s favour he has done what has been asked. The style and manner has not brought the level of satisfaction that fans want, here is the dilemma and interference from board. Sam’s old squad needs major makeover, which is a must, money to replace Sam ? Can Sam develop a squad of young players when he always goes for career end footballers? Lots of questions and few answers, life as a hammer is never easy.

  • chris says:

    You must be mad to back him. He is absolutely useless. Plays horendous football, can’t attract young players. Only buys 6ft thugs who no one wants. These fans are completely in their right to put this petition together. Better to sack him now or would you prefer to wait until christmas when we are bottom?

  • jaybs says:

    BFS will never change! also that reaction to Loyal Fans, showed what an idiot he is. Sorry I missed he news that no one is allowed opinions, thought there was freedom if speech! Sooner Sam leaves the better!

  • Ironsmith2494 says:

    I could not agree more with your points. The board had done everything to prepare the fans for an immediate sacking. They undermined him, put forth conflicting ideas about players publicly and thus far have failed to act.Are the board really this incompetent or just plain daft? I want to see him replaced before the club tears itself apart and is permanently damaged and that would leave me very sad after 54 years as a supporter. The board should seek outside help if they can’t be more professional and either sack him or back him. I would like to see a new manager that would show the whole club a bit more respect than the portly one.

  • Jersey Paul says:

    And this article does indeed prove a point. The Fat Sam ‘backers’ are the ones who are dividing us true fans and supporters. When will the minority that are this divvy, left wing, bra burning, tree hugging, anti bully brigade, the ” it’s the taking part that counts” morons like Toby Fry begin to realise that it’s YOU who are bringing our club down? Get with the programme, look at the facts from polls or elsewhere and unite. Fat Sam will be sacked. Not an if, but a when. Let’s just hope that you planks from the corrupt SAB ( board room and pr puppets) don’t keep sam in our club until it’s too late. Get rid now! And while I’m here, get rid of the SAB too, cretins. Cf the clubs new crest. London? How pretentious. The only thing I agree with Toby on is washing laundry in public. The rest is utter Spuds.

    • Spencer says:

      Well said COYI

    • Simon says:

      “The Fat Sam ‘backers’ are the ones who are dividing us true fans and supporters” – what a wonderful simplified statement delivering one half of an argument – ive been a fan for 50+ years – true fans support their club regardless, thru the thick the thin and everything inbetween, division is created by 2 or more opinions, therein the haters are creating as much division as the backers, and to argue only one half is a true fan is idealistic at best, not to mention completely undemocratic – personally i want west ham to succeed, become cemented in the PL for a long time to come, eventually challenge for honours, Europe and beyond, – the OS stadium move is one many dont agree with but ultimately is the biggest stepping stone to the club achieving greater things, you want to grow then expansion is necessary – couldnt give a stuff about the badge, its a badge, i know who my team is regardless – but managers will come and go, god knows weve seen that the past few years, some good, some bad, imo Avram Grant has been our worst of late, he played pretty football and took us down, then again thats the idealists approach isnt it, lets all look good getting relegated, then moan about the negatives when reality sets in – Sam was tasked with a job, hes done it, we now enter our third season back in the PL, slowly but surely we move forward, this season with a much better squad that was brought about by the glaring issues of an inadequate squad last season that needed some serious change and investment – personally i think Sam can and is doing a great job at this club, last season especially which couldnt have been under any worse circumstances, had any other manager been in charge we would have been screaming for Sam to come in and save us, fortunately we had him, and he did – but then again who am i, just one of those 50+ year “untrue supporters” creating division amongst those who disagree, and why, because i happen to back the manager, which imo is what everyone should be doing with 3 weeks to go until the new season starts – bottom line is we are the west ham, being a fan is tumultuous, frustrating, with a few rare highlights – if youd have told me 4 years ago we would be facing our 3rd year back in the PL today, id have taken it hands down on the spot, yet for some reason a lot of fans are screaming about how we did it and who we did it with – madness.

      • The Cat says:

        Totally agree, nailed on!!!

        Maybe they don’t make supporters like us anymore (50+ too!). Truth is the negative supporters have the use of the internet these days to spew bile & divisive nonsense to the masses. They have the collective memories of goldfish and have all but forgotten that a few years ago this club was on the edge of extinction (Do these same supporters remember Eggy?). Slow but steady progress is NEVER enough these days as everyone wants success right (caps lock) NOW!
        I for one wouldn’t miss these so called “supporters” if they all upped and left & joined chelski en masse!

  • The Cat says:

    As much as I love this club, make no mistake this club (like MOST other clubs) has it’s fair share of numpties who don’t engage the brain, shoot from the hip (& lip) and basically don’t have a clue!

    We’re a few weeks away from the start of the new Premiership season and a couple of months away from the manager being backed by the clubs chairmen vocally and financially in the transfer market…. and we have (so called, because in the English dictionary supporters are meant to encourage) “Supporters” who want the club to sack the manager!!!………..without a plan B!

    I support the club and the manager who manages the team, which is what supporters are meant to do!

    Half the time I avoid & actively block, blogs and fansites because they are corrosive in thier so called support of the club.

    There has been much made by both supporters AND the clubs chairmen over a certain Ravel Morrison…………. Well, maybe thats why managers MANAGE teams and it is thier job to know thier players inside out, think on that.

    • Jonny ninja says:

      Well said mate and agree with the writer. Some of our fans need to take a good hard look at where we were 3 years ago. Great progress in such a small space and exactly where we need to be for the stadium move. I’m dreading this season cus I an sick of all the moaning

  • Dave says:

    BFS is right about one thing. That scumbag Morrison (women beater) is not fit to wear the claret and blue. Gold and Sullivan have no morals, then again we knew that already.
    Sam was right to question him, just a good job we didn’t get him on a big long contract.

  • G Corbett says:

    so many points, so little time. I’m still very much on the fence with the Sam issue, at times I think he is brilliant, at times I want to see him very much gone. He is doing what we need him to do, he is keeping us in the prem – which is crucial for our move to the olympic stadium (which i am also on the fence about- it could make or brake us -I have a emotional tie with UP which will never leave me due to my dad being an iron, taking me to my first game, having i’m forever blowing bubbles played at his funeral, having lyrics from said song tattoed upon me), but he is who our owners think is right. this move in stadium could potentially take us to the next step: attracting players, crowds, tv revenue etc. but the public show of distrust from the owners is worrying. Karen Brady having a column in the sun where she airs her dirty laundry is ludicrous also. I just think a show of solidarity – rather than undermining each other – is whats required. We need to go into a season positively with clear set goals to achieve, rather than opening up with unrest, with contraversy, with so much animosity towards both the team and the choice of manager. I firmly believe we have bought well this summer and have the potential to achieve this year. But maybe I’m looking at things through claret and blue tinted glasses.

    • Simon says:

      No, no tinted glasses – im no advocate of the sack Sam brigade, hes done exactly what we needed him to do, we can only grow as a club in the PL, he even managed it last season under the worst of circumstances, the squad needed serious change, and we have replaced players that had to go with some good quality signings – Sam should be given the full backing of the board to continue and play his way, no one complained our first season back in the PL, we were good value for 10th playing Sams way and very entertaining at times, all this controversy before the season starts is ridiculous, i have no doubt at some point west ham will have a new manager, but it should not be until we have moved to the OS and are truly settled and cemented in the PL – Sam is perfect for west hams short -mid term future, who knows he might even surprise some of the haters, managers can only do so much with players at their disposal, better squads breed better tactics and better quality football, right now west ham are in no position to challenge the top 6-7 sides consistently, we dont have the resources, but the OS move is about building the club toward bigger and greater things – Sam knows how to win games which ultimately is what its all about, and i too think this season we have the squad and potential to achieve this year, we may not have the flair the bigger clubs have, but the reality is we are west ham, not top 6, we need to be strong and resilient, play when we can but put results on the board, fans need to be patient, and eventually this club will move toi the heights we desire. COYI

  • gaz says:

    I agree with dave about morrison he definately has telent but nobody should wear the west ham colours who hits any women. on big sam im not hes number 1 fan as hate west ham playin long balls & only having 1 player up front but with new players we have & no carroll he might surprise & play 2 up front. COYI

  • blockhead says:

    You sure you don’t mean back, sack and crack?

  • roger holcombe says:

    FFS Enough regardless of what ;


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