West Ham look to humiliate Tottenham further

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3. Tottenham Hotspur 0-3 West Ham United – 6 October 2013England’s defeat at the hands of Uruguay and Liverpool’s Luis Suarez on Thursday night means that we are now officially out of the World Cup before even stepping out for our final group game in Brazil.

Clutching at straws here, and feel free to call me pessimistic, but at least we managed to avoid all false hope and a guaranteed heartbreaking, gut-wrenching defeat on penalties in the knockout stages of the competition. Nonetheless, England’s exit from the World Cup means that football fans’ attention will switch from a frustrating international competition, to a just as frustrating domestic competition in the coming months.

The 2014/2015 Barclays Premier League fixtures were announced this past Wednesday, and the Hammers have been presented with the exciting prospect of a feisty London derby and a visit from the old enemy, Tottenham Hotspur at the Boleyn on the opening day.

The club’s impressive treble over the Lilywhites last season is a treble that will live long in the memory, I am sure, for supporters of all ages and experiences at West Ham. Whilst a repeat of these performances and a fourth consecutive win over Spurs would be an absolute dream come true, it’s fair to say we must be realistic and recognise that we will have our work cut out, and will have to put in a brave effort if we are to get anything from our opening fixture.

That said, however, nobody would have expected a single, let alone three, victories over Tottenham in all competitions last season, particularly when you consider the poor form that we found ourselves in for prolonged periods of the campaign. Although the three points in our final home game was a win that I’ll savour for a very long time, the 3-0 drubbing at White Hart Lane is the victory that really stands out for me last season. Regrettably, I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a ticket that day and instead enjoyed my own company and a poor-quality, buffering live stream for ninety minutes – but nevertheless, a game that will live long in the memory.

Under new management from ex-Southampton boss Mauricio Pochettino, I have no doubt that Spurs will be a very well-drilled side with clear direction come August. With rumours of a move for Adam Lallana still present amongst the media alongside rumours of interest for Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku and in-form Swansea City striker Wilfried Bony, the north London side will certainly prove more of a threat to sides this coming season than they did last season. Despite this, the Hammers also have reason for optimism; the signing of Anderlecht’s 6 foot 4 powerhouse, Cheikhou Kouyate for a reported 9 million euros this week means that the board have acted quickly in strengthening our midfield for the forthcoming season, and the hefty price tag and acquisition of a highly rated, promising midfielder bodes well for the future.

The prospect of Spurs at home on the opening day is one I am thoroughly looking forward to. We have a pretty good record of first day victories in recent times, and I am sure we will all be hoping the squad can replicated the performances we saw against the North London side last season to ensure we get off to a flyer.

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  • Whitehart Lad says:

    The only time Wet Spam will ever humiliate Spurs is when you finish anove us in the league! So what you beat us 3 tomes last season, wher exactly did you finish in comparrision to Spurs? Youre begining to sound as obsessive as Gooners!!!

    And I really hope we beat you opening day, because then I will be laughing extra fcking loud!!

  • Humiliate this says:

    Mate, West Ham don’t even feature on Spurs’ radar, how can you lot be so obsessed with us? It’s really cute that beating us 4 times in a row is an ‘absolute dream come true’ but if I were you I’d be a bit concerned with fact that without the 6 points we gave you last season you’d have finished 17th, 1 point above relegation. At least in a years time we won’t have to worry about you lot mouthing off because you’ll be kicking about with Millwall and Charlton, your real rivals, in the championship. Enjoy that massive, empty stadium and the inevitable bankruptcy that will follow.

  • spursfan says:

    I can honestly say as a spurs fan i don’t think we give w.ham a second thought, i know hammers fans reading this will think im taking the p but im not, i have never understood why you see us as an enermy yet we don’t think of you at all. How can you see us as a main rival when for years we have finished in the top 4-5 and your always near the bottom of the table ( and sometimes not even in it )

  • Irons says:

    ‘West ham don’t even feature on Spurs’ radar’ says the spurs fan taking time to go and read and leave a fairly long comment on an article on a west ham blog/news site after obviously being annoyed so little and not caring at all about us…obviously. laughable for any Spurs fan to try and say that we dont have a rivalry/ you dont care about us, we both know along with every other football fan that we do have a rivalry and you do care so dont talk shit

  • Spurs lad says:

    When the Bingo club start beating us consistently over the years and finishing above us consistently then they can start talking… Actually find it so embarrassing for them printing t shirts and making DVDs over last year?? Small club mentality…. How many times have we beat them over the years home and away? It’s just a norm…….another question for the green street wannabie 16 yr olds… How many trophies have u won over the past 30 years? PS: a trophy DOES NOT include beating the mighty Spurs… Lol

  • yidney poitier says:

    Although I hated every minute of our losses to you lot, this kind of shit, mugs, t-shirts and dvds show what a sad bunch of classless retards you are. We were absolutely dreadful last season and still finished TWENTY NINE points above you. FFS, why aren’t you concerned more about how poorly run your club is, how weak your squad is or the complete abortion of a manager you’ve got instead of concerning yourselves with a rival way out of your league.

  • Stoney says:

    Perhaps if your owners sell a few more dildos and jazz mags you can have a little spend up this year and be fighting for Europe instead of fighting relegation, a fight which you often lose. You’re a small club with a small mentality. Enjoy watching the championship in your athletics stadium when you get relegated… again.

  • ian says:

    Haha you little spurs turd burglars are very upset we spanked you 3 times,lets have you again,wankers

    • Wet Spam says:

      Hahaha ‘turd burglar’? How old are you?
      We’re not upset but it was embarrassing, not quite as embarrassing as getting relegated or being a Wet Spam fan though.
      Why don’t you but some of your owners dildos and go fuck yourself? They might be able to afford a few players!

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