The candidates to replace West Ham manager

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David MoyesSo, should the unthinkable happen and West Ham’s owners bite the bullet and sack Sam Allardyce, who realistically is available to lead the club into a bright new future?

It’s surely got to be a question both David Sullivan and David Gold have contemplated during what has been a pretty woeful and instantly forgettable season all told.

There have been rumours coming from those with good connections at the club suggesting the owners have thought about making a change, particularly over and just after the Christmas period, but have been put off because of any potential pay-out to Allardyce.

While to some degree that was an understandable approach during the January transfer window – either spend money on much needed signings or lose it on getting rid of Big Sam – Sullivan and Gold are unlikely to be able to convince supporters on that front again.

We’ve also read they are fearful of sacking Allardyce and hiring a new manager the season before the Hammers move to the Olympic Stadium.

Again you can have some sympathy for their predicament and it makes good business sense to stick with a boss that has a track record of keeping clubs in the Premier League.

The question they will have to answer is to what cost will that come at?

The sense of unrest is growing around Upton Park, so much so that Allardyce even attempted to have a pop at those taking to social media to criticise the manager. It’s not the first time since taking over at the Boleyn that he has hit out at those daring to question his methods and his tactics.

So while we’re agreed it’s highly unlikely Sullivan and Gold will listen to the masses and make a change in manager, perhaps we should check out who is available – you know, to help them out – should they have a change of heart.

The contenders

At the time of penning this column, David Moyes has just been axed as Manchester United manager.

Should the former Everton boss become available, he would surely be seen as a steady hand and a manager the owners could put their trust in to lead the club into the Olympic Stadium.

His reputation will have been sullied, no doubt, following a disastrous season following Sir Alex Ferguson at United, but many football fans will understand just how difficult the job was and that time was needed to turn things around.

His ability to build a club and a winning culture, as well as a side that is traditionally hard to beat, would be an attractive quality. Moyes has also had the knack of getting the best out of attacking players, something Allardyce has struggled with, and can operate on a shoestring budget.

Should Moyes be available, he would be a great fit, there can be little doubt of that but having managed the biggest club in the world, would he want to come?

Would former Hammer, Slaven Bilic be a good bet? His name always gets thrown into the mix when a position comes up at Upton Park, but previously he has always maintained he wanted to focus on the Croatia national team.

Having departed as an international manager in 2012, perhaps the time might be right for a return for the former West Ham centre-half.

Bilic is an intelligent, forward-thinking coach whose legacy was nurturing Croatia’s under-21s and making them international footballers with the national team.

West Ham have always been a club that has prided itself on bringing through young players, a tradition that has for some reason stopped or slowed down during Allardyce’s tenure.

Bilic might prove a hit with some West Ham fans but unproven in managing in the Premier League, it’s likely he might be seen as a gamble at this stage of the club’s future.

After having been harshly sacked by Cardiff City earlier this season, Malky Mackay gained considerable support from football fans across the country.

A manager with strong principles, a sense of loyalty and class, Mackay might be the breath of fresh air the Hammers need. He might not be the big name supporters would crave, but he has done his grounding in the Championship and started relatively well in the Premier League with Cardiff. In many ways he followed a similar route as Brendan Rogers, and he hasn’t done too badly now, has he?

There will be other names that would undoubtedly come up should the Hammers be in the market for a new manager, the likes of Harry Redknapp, Paolo Di Canio, Steve Clarke and even Alan Pardew.

To some extent all four might be seen as a gamble, Di Canio most definitely, and possibly not particularly any better than the current manager.

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  • DuncanT says:

    I would love to see current Australia boss Ange Postecoglou bring hos brand of rebooting football teams to Upton Park.

  • peter iron says:

    Out of the names mentioned , Moyes is probably the only better option to my mind .

  • Jonny Ninja says:

    I agree with Peter, if we are going to change then David Moyes is the perfect replacement. Personally I dont think we will sack sam as there is 1 year left on his contract and he has done exactley what he was bought in to do. I am not a fan of bringing in a manager that has not managed over here before because relegation is not an option the year before the OS move.

    I know there is talk that season tickets are not going to shift but how many are we going to sell in the Championship and how much will we lose in revenue. I think the Davids are going to stick with Sam as he is very likely to keep us up next season with a new man coming in after teh OS move. At that point the new guy needs to be given some proper money to strengthen the team and squad.

  • ed says:

    When we enter the OS I would love to see a very attack minded manager take control like laudrup or even Benitez.. but until we move there, I think we should stick with big Sam.. but even David Moyes in my opinion would take us to the OS without a single fear of relegation.. I rhino Di canio or mackay would be a complete and utter disaster..

  • razor says:

    Glenn my son I have a grannie that’s been dead for years that would be better than this one trick pony they call a coach. How many more supporters that are staying away and not renewing their season tickets until this moron has gone do the businessmen and Tory woman that run my club have to see why the cheap tickets are not the answer! I and thousands of others want our club back playing entertaining football irrespective of results every game. So many options so don’t make excuses get him out now.

    • Les says:

      At last someone who knows what they are talking about,the goon has to go NOW,has no idea how football should be played,there’s more to football than just surviving in the prem league.been watching hammers over 50 years and this is the worst by far.adios alardyce.

  • Graham says:

    Good article but think it really high-lights there is no one out there. Can’t take a chance on a battered and bruised Moyes, Bilic has only been at Besiktas this season so would cost a fair bit to get him out of his contract, can’t get my head around the Malkay McKay hype (Cardiff were in the bottom three when he left and are still there now), Steve Clarke was sacked with Zola so he won’t be back, di canio and pardew are walking disasters waiting to happen and as for harry redknapp, please no. He has a squad at QPR earning more than most premier league teams and he’s still only 3rd.
    Everyone of them is a massive risk.

  • Les says:

    At last someone who knows what they are talking about,the goon has to go NOW,has no idea how football should be played,there’s more to football than just surviving in the prem league.been watching hammers over 50 years and this is the worst by far.adios alardyce.

  • gill1948 says:

    Totally agree with most he has to go and as soon as we are mathematically sure I would let him go and appoint someone who will invest whatever money is available wisely. whether it was £4-6-or 8m it was wasted on Downing. Sorry but midfield have to contribute goals -his total 0 – Miaga £5-6M wasted- Diarra £2M -wasted and as for £9-11M for Jarvis ,I say give me Johnson or Snodgrass Everytime.
    We are in need or a major rebuild and that must be with a new attack minded or on the deck whichever you want but not this 1 dimensional bilge we are getting and after his comments on goals on sunday will continue to get next season.

  • Hammer64 says:

    A quote from the late great Ron Greenwood,West Ham fans,win,lose or draw,as long as they have been entertained with style and creativity and play for the shirt,they will all go home happy.

    • Jonny Ninja says:

      Utter rubbish. Our fans haven’t stopped whinging since harry left. Are we going to be happy playing the west ham way in the lower leagues? No of course not. The same ones crying about sam now will be the first ones crying if the new guy takes us down

  • Gary Seaton says:

    The man for the job for me would be Alan Padew if he is given the boot at St.Jjames Park.There were rumours earlier in the season that Pardew would welcome a move back to Upton Park, he lives in London and is apparently friends with DG. For all the reverence we at West Ham have for Carlos Teves, I believe suddenly having these two players needing to be integrated into what had been a successful team played a major part in Pardew not being able to build on the previous seasons achievements. His teams play the sort of football we need back at Upton Park, he remains popular with the fans and on a limited budget almost took Newcastle to Champions league. Only having his best players sold from under him by Mike Ashley has undermined his ability to build on that. It would be no good getting rid of Allardyce and gambling on the likes of Di Canio (God forbid!) or Slaven Bilic or even David Moyes. With Allardyce rumoured to be 12th highest paid manager in game surely there are quality replacements available. But, and a big but, is that the compensation Allardyce would be paid would make a huge hole in funds available for new players. I think DG & DS will stick with Allardyce but hope that bringing in some more flair, e.g. Wilfrid Zaha and sorting out issues with Ravel Morrison will appease fans.

  • Dave says:

    Hammer64 is dead right.
    I have been going over Upton Park for 55 years and the last 3 have been dross.

    Our home form has been dire and we do ok away because we park the bus.

    It is an insult to Ron Greenwood and John Lyall the way we are playing.

  • charlie nelson says:

    Lets get real our football this year has been terrible but our injuries have also been terrible and i also feel that some decisions at crucial times against us have been terrible. Sacking Big Sam is not the answer what we need to do is invest in 3 quality team players not squad players these 3 team players will improve the teams passing and attacking qualities. We must not think this summer of improving the squad but improving the team. To achieve this we need quality players.
    Go to Man City and ask about Milner, Richards, Rodwell, and Lescott all proven quality Premier league players go to Man Utd ask about Fellaini, Kagawa, go to Arsenal ask about Vermallen go to Chelsea ask about Ba, Bertrand, Moses. We need to get proven premier league quality players into the starting 11 not into the squad. Allardyce has done a super job with very little money and lets be fair to him with less injuries at this point we would have a least 4 more points. So please please stop whinging about the West Ham way this will come with improved players in time we must get the foundations right first.

    • Jonny ninja says:

      I agree with this 100% and the ones moaning about Sam will be the 1st one whinging if a new guy gets us relegated!

    • Graham says:

      Best comment on here. Spot on mate

    • Woody says:

      Agree 100%. Imagine doing a job where every target has been hit and then seeing an article about who should replace you, it’s a disgrace!!
      These things take time, nothing wrong with making defence a priority.

    • AppyAmmer says:

      I love the injuries argument! The injuries situation was self inflicted so CANNOT be used as an argument for this season,, but hold on, what about the seasons before, you cant use INJURIES as an excuse then can you?
      So BFS can be trusted to invest more into the team, despite the 20 million pound a season, at least, that he has invested poorly?
      We need to improve our attacking qualities, agreed, we need a player currently playing in the championship, think his name is Ravel Morrison. Ask about Milner, on 100k wages, Richards, injury prone, Rodwell injury prone, Lescott, 100k a week and made it clear he doesnt want to join, plus is he 31 or 32? Nice and young!
      Now I know its a joke, ask about Fellaini, really? Dirty player that cost 20 million or something that would only come to us if his first 100 choices of clubs turned him down!
      We HAVE proven premier league player at BFS disposal, and have done yet he still sets up not to lose, every single game.

      Allardyce has had alot of money, I dont know if you have been in a bubble or not, but he has spent a fortune, I can list players they we have brought in under him and how much they cost and how bad they have been if you desire and again he signed players with dodgy injury records but that was this season, seasons before football was same quality.

  • James says:

    Ronald Koeman is out of contract this season. He is better than any of those suggestions.

  • Dave says:

    Charlie Great having all these players you suggest but BFS insists on playing Nolan.

    Mark Noble was an excellent flair player four years ago and its been knocked out of him playing so deep. Most of his passes go backward or sideways nowadays.

    We had 67% of the play on Saturday but 40% was probably spent by the back 4 passing to one another at such a slow pace my Grannie moves faster.

    When fit I think we have a good back four and Adrian has been good but we have no pace down the middle.

    Either Sam or Nolan must go

  • Jack says:

    Sam needs to go at the end of the season, before he wastes the money he will be given on over paid players that are not good enough. As he only plays one system (Carrol/Nolan) which he will not change, this ultimately limits us in the transfer market, no decent players will want to come and play in this system or sit on the bench behind Carrol/Nolan.

    Its still a gamble swapping him and will cost a few quid but letting him run down his contract and changing him when we go into the OS after he has spent a load more money in 2 transfer windows, adding more overpaid sub standard players to our squad must cost us more in the long run. whoever comes in will have to totally rebuild the squad with players that can actually play football.

  • sibbo says:

    good players will not come with sam there he his absolutely6th rate could not run a bath we need a new manager now

  • Paul says:

    Sorry guys, class players mean nothing if the system and tactics are poor, and that is the problem with SA.

  • Suffolkhammer says:

    I said on here 6 weeks ago that Moyes would be a good choice. The sack was inevitabe and he will be looking to rebuild his reputation. His Everton team had pace, flair and entertained, but they also had a togetherness and a determination not to get beat. All those qualities seem missing in the current set up. Sam has done ok, but its going backwards now, it is time to change. The fact that there is so much discussion on this site shows that all is not happy amongst the fans, give the club a lift and make the change.

    • Rob says:

      One name I’m looking at which in my opinion would take us to exactly where we want to be is Laudrup! The man plays great football wherever he’s been, he’s experienced in the prem, played at the highest level and will attract top players. Also he’s available for not compensation fee. He is everything West Ham stand for.
      Moyes is backwards and does not play attractive football, Bilic is unproven but otherwise maybe a good shout, Paulo is a No, Harry is a maybe but doubt he would fancy a return. Di Matteo could also be a good shout but more than likely wouldn’t be keen. But let’s be honest with ourselves are we really going to sack Big Sam, unlikely at best. Next season will be as bad as this and I’m terrified!

  • Ohiord says:

    Moyes is a good manager. No one was ever going to follow straight on from Ferguson except Mourinho. Sam has lost the fans. He has done what he was asked to do but he did it his way. We wanted it our way. No one is bigger than the club. A change is needed. Moyes is a good manager.

  • Gary says:

    To take this club anyware we need a manager who is a winner , Raffa fancies a return to the prem , no one better for WH

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