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RESULTS: Should Sam Allardyce be West Ham’s manager next season?

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Sam AllardyceIn a poll conducted by 16 West Ham related fan sites, more than 12,392 people took part, and 77.95% of them have expressed the view that Sam Allardyce should not be retained as West Ham manager next season. 22.05% voted for him to continue in his job. The survey ran from Thursday and closed at 7pm on Sunday 27 April. It is thought to be the largest ‘opinion poll’ ever undertaken of a club’s supporters.

The 16 sites taking part were Blowing Bubbles, Claret & Blues, Claret & Hugh, Ex-Hammers Magazine, Forever West Ham, Hammers in the Heart, Iron Views, KUMB

Moore Than Just a Club, Very West Ham, West Ham Fan, West Ham Online, West Ham Till I Die, West Ham World, WHU Stuff and

Of those who voted, 27% are season ticket holders, with a further 48% attending home matches. A quarter of the respondents never go to a game, but watch them on TV.

28% of those who voted live in London, 26% in the South East, and 12% in East Anglia. 14% who voted are overseas supporters.

KUMB readers provided 21% of the respondents, as did West Ham Till I Die. West Ham Online provided 12%. Of those who voted, a massive 4,850 people left comments. I am trawling through those at the moment and may publish some tomorrow. The points made in the comments which seem to be the most repeated are these…

* We should thank Sam for what he has done but he is not the man for the future of the club.

* Nobody wants a witch-hunt but it is time for him to go

* Be careful what we wish for – he should not be sacked without a clear idea of who is to replace him

* Many people are threatening not to renew their season tickets

* Sam’s style of football is too one-dimensional. There is no plan B.

The conclusions of the poll have been sent to David Sullivan.

NOTE: The poll was conducted by using the Survey Monkey polling software. Although it removes duplicate voting, it is not possible to be 100% certain that every single vote was valid. However, the percentages did not change much following the first 1000 votes. Throughout virtually the whole period the voting was within 1% of a 75-25 result. Only in the last 24 hours, following the defeat at West Bromwich Albion, did the anti-Allardyce vote gain an extra percentage point.

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  • Dave says:

    If West Ham have to rely on Norwich losing or drawing either of there last two games, with WHU losing both there games then in my opinion it is time for Sam to go. It is a difficult debate as we need quality younger players in the summer or do the owners use transfer budget to out Sam? Can we trust Sam to sign and play the players that we need? To many questions and not enough answers.

  • JB says:

    I totally agree Dave. I innitially thought that Sam had it together, but if Sam is not able to fire the players up to get even just 1 point from the last 6 games, (4 down 2 to go) meaning we need Norwich to drop just 2 points, then what is that? I’d call that pathetic. It would be good that we survive, but this will just go on & on again next season, because I cannot see Sam being able to attract the players we need. I mean I thought we had Remy, but no, you can’t blame Remy for saying no to Sam, same with Jelavic, & so on & so on, so many players refused to come here & it will just go on & on. If Laudrupp was in charge yes, I mean just look at all the European talent he brought in. His sacking at Swansea was harsh, he built a great team, & honestly, with the team he built, there really was never any concern for me that Laudrupp’s team would get relegated after recovering from their Europa League run, & then after thrashing Villa 4-1 they are safe. Honestly Dave, I don’t think even the 25% of fans who live overseas & can’t get to a game will be even attracted to watch West Ham on TV if we have an off season with Sam feebly trying to sign players who won’t come & play his Neanderthal style football. It’s gridiron really, played with the feet, just lock up the field & punt the ball upfield, & as we know, watching American grid iron can be as exciting as watching dried paint flake from the ceiling. Sam has admitted, he’s been to the USA & studied grid iron. We don’t have monsters built like the incredible hulk who can win those high ariel balls. Aussie Rules players have them, hey we want our football back on the ground thanks Sam. We want our club back. We don’t want to watch ariel pin pong & keep losing the ball. We need to sign around 8 good players & they won’t sign for Sam. Of our current squad I’d only keep; Adrian, Jääskeläinen, Reid, McCartney, Collins, Demel, Noble, Diame, Downing, C. Cole & Sam aint the one to sign the players we need!

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