Should West Ham really be trying to sell him?

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Ricardo Vaz Te was immortalised in West Ham history when he scored the winner against Blackpool to secure West Ham’s place in the Premier League. His move to West Ham seemed inevitable come January 2012, as the former Bolton Wanderers man was banging in the goals for Barnsley. He had already reached double figures and was proving a handful for defenders. The 6ft 2 striker played mainly on the wing when he joined West Ham but despite this, he scored 10 goals in 15 appearances in the League.

Vaz Te made 24 league appearances during his comeback year in the Premier League. He struggled to regain the goal scoring form he had during his season in the Championship, (mainly because his central opportunities were limited) but his form seemed to dip from what we saw prior to his dramatic winner against Blackpool. It is always difficult for a player to live up to the hype after such a career defining moment, perhaps his lack of form has been due to this.

A player who can score a bicycle-kick and miss from a yard, Vaz Te has hairstyles and handbags a plenty, but I would be sad to see him go. With rumours circulating that we are still in for a striker, it surprises me to hear that Vaz Te could be on the way out. Surely we want more competition for places and by getting rid of Vaz Te, not only do you limit your attacking options, but you lose a talented player.

Some may argue that Vaz Te isn’t good enough for the Premier League. I would not agree, however I don’t think he is currently good enough for where we are aiming to be in the next couple of years; a good squad player, but nothing more at this stage. I hope he can prove me wrong and light up the Premier League this season.

I don’t think we should sell now, but what do you think? @TollyCoburn

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  • dan says:

    Stop living in the past, he’s a championship player at best. The wage bill needs to be cut before new players can be brought in.

  • John says:

    What a pointless post. Of course he does. He was average in the championship. 100% not prem quality. Good riddance

  • george 2nd best says:


  • Ausie John says:

    I agree with both but not sure hes been given enough chances to play at least 2 or 3 full games to see what he has got to show .

  • Hammerco says:

    He’s not going to play central for us. So as a wide player, he is distinctly average and behind Joey, Jarvis and Downing in the pecking order. The question is not whether we should be looking to offload him at some stage in the near future but whether we can find someone better than 3rd choice front man and 4th choice wide man for the wages he’s on before the deadline closes.

  • Stig says:

    He was injured for a large part of last season with a dislocated shoulder. Not surprisingly he struggled upon his return in the second half. Maybe this year he can shine.

  • Dave says:

    To make a point, in the championship squad he was the only player with true pace and the team looked very pedestrian without him playing. Since we have now got better quality players with true pace, I agree a good squad player but not the twenty goal a season striker we need in the EPL.

  • Claret! says:

    breaks my claret and blue heart reading some of these classless posts.

  • John says:

    Bubbles from Thailand – Im sorry why are so many picking on Vaz Te he is much better than Magia faster with more flare & Talent, ok not an out & out striker I agree but an attacking player all the same and young and can score !- I would be very sorry to see him go – Like all of us hammer fans we want to see a new striker come in and Magia out ! – Unfortunately looks like will have to wait until Christmas for that to happen !!!

  • Lee says:

    I read the same stories over and over again, should we keep him? Should we not? people are very quick to forget he was one of the players who helped us get where we are now. I believe he is more than good enough for the premiership if you can score goals in the championship then you can do it in the premiership end of story. I for one would be sad to see him go as we are struggling for front players as it is at the moment, and cannot rely on mr carroll being injury free for the whole season. If I were big sam, I would keep him and give him a shot as a sub to freshen things up a bit, and like someone else mentioned he is young he is talented and will improve with the right training and high quality of players around him. I say keep him 🙂

    • Hammerco says:

      “if you can score goals in the championship then you can do it in the premiership end of story.”
      Since when? T

  • Fred says:

    After watching that useless prick Maiga play up top today I would say all you muppets that suggest getting rid of him need to get real!! He may have had a poor season last year but at least he has more about him then that smiley donkey. With them two our only fit strikers it would be a shit move to clear either of them out

  • Big ern says:

    Whilst he will always have a place in Hammers history it doesn’t mean we should keep him for sentimental value. Irrespective if this I would be sad to see him go as believe he deserves a chance up front with Carroll out. Having said this BFS surely knows much more than any of us having managed him extensively over the years and I trust he will make the right decision.

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