Hammers Top FIVE pre match rituals


5) West Ham and England international Alan Devonshire would get so nervous before a game he would sleep on the physio’s bed until kick off, usually left sleeping until around 5 minutes until kick off!

4) Former skipper Nigel Reo Coker would blast out rap music and dance around the dressing room to get himself prepared for a game, Reo Coker claimed it was the crazy gang mentality installed in him from his time at Wimbledon.

3) Former West Ham trainee John Terry claims to have about 50 different pre match rituals including always sitting on the same seat on the team bus, always listening to the same music and more bizarrely, John wore the same pair of shin pads all throughout his career until they were broke after Chelsea’s 4-2 win against Barcelona in 2005, he now wears a pair of Frank Lampard’s lucky pads.

2) Paul Ince would often be caught with his shirt off until he entered the pitch, the ‘guv’nor’ would have to be the last player to put his shirt on and the last player to run out onto the pitch before kick-off.

1) West Ham legend Bobby Moore’s pre match ritual was being the last player in the team to put his shorts on, his team mate Martin Peters was so amazed by Moore’s ritual he waited until everyone had their shorts on before pulling his back down again, prompting Moore to do the same.

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  • Ashley says:

    Please don’t include that Chelsea scum in West Ham’s history….he doesn’t deserve any recognition from our great club

  • Spence55 says:

    Kevin Nolan has a ritual DURING the game which involves looking confused and hardly doing anything worthwhile.

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