Time to Forgive?


“I was only a kid, I did what my agent told me to do, then took all the crap for it”

The words of Paul Ince.

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Who grew up as a West Ham United supporter, would later play for the club and who admits that the first results he still looks for on a Saturday afternoon are our own.
And yet he remains a hated figure cast in the role of traitor for an ill advised decision he made 22 years ago.


A decision to be photographed in a Manchester United shirt prior to the deal to move to the club had been signed. On the recommendation of then agent Ambrose Mendy, he allowed himself to be photographed in the shirt on the assumption that it would be printed only when the move was completed. However the image was used prior to the move and all hell broke loose.

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To this day Ince continues to receive hateful abuse from the West Ham fans who are unwilling to forgive the actions of a 21 year old in an era when players did not receive the media coaching and assistance from club advisors that they do today.

So will Paul Ince ever be forgiven? No chance.

The same way that Frank Lampard continues to run the gauntlet of vile abuse whenever he visits Upton Park. However unjust, however unfair, there are a selection of former players who are now typecast in that negative role.

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Even a former manager who has recovered from a brain tumour isn’t exempt.

What Ince did was stupid. Absolutely without doubt. Disloyal? Probably. That big a deal in the bigger scheme of things? No chance. Should he be forgiven? Yes.

I wont be holding my breath …………………

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  • jimwhu1980 says:

    no way hes scum he knew what he was doing he was brought up in ilford he knew what westham supporters reaction would be and STILL IS he wore that shirt to make the deal happen in the end manu were embarissed by the whole situation and used it to there advantage when ince failed his medical we couldnt keep him because of the shirt we got paid 700k less for him because he failed the medical and he couldnt stay cos of the shirt he wore hes scum and always will be

  • ironsmith says:

    Once the Man U steamroller starts moving nothing can stand in its way. It is as active now as it was then eg Tevez at their training ground while still signed for us. We still love Tevez Why? he did the same as Ince. I personally have the utmost respect for both ex Hammers as two of the many West Ham all time wgreat players. I feel nothing but embarrassment at the way some of our ex players are received home and away.

  • Aidan says:

    We should all prove ourselves real football fans and forgive them all. Who can blame Ince now? We received a lot of money for him and the club needed it. Lamps left when his Father AND Uncle were sacked, and again, we needed the money. Defoe was young and ill-advised (much like Ince) when he put in a transfer request, but yet again we needed the money received for him (along with Glen & Joe from chelsea). Who in their right mind thinks any of these players have not done what thousands of others have done elsewhere? We’d all like to think we would have done it differently but we’re not in the same position these players were in. Give them a break and welcome them back to UP!

  • Princess says:

    Forgive and forget? Not part of our langauge. Let him never forget.

    • John says:

      I bet you wasn’t even around when he left. WHU have also treated their own badly (Lyall) and you still continue to support them!

  • Modestthepis says:

    Who knws it might be y success has nt come to westham’s door since then? 4gv them nd wait to see how success works in.

  • hammerchin says:

    haha im very against hating ex hammers/footballers. yes we icetainly dont like the abuse they get. unless they are violent scum ie barton, diouf. at the end of it football is these peoples jobs and you can never hate on someone who wants to better there carrer. people make mistakes. we all.

  • John says:

    All the haters should grow up. It’s been long enough and he should be forgiven and remembered for the great performances he put in as a players for us! One of my greatest memories is the 2 goals he scored against Liverpool when we demolished them in the late 80’s.

  • The Cat says:

    Much of the people that hate him, weren’t around then and have no idea WHY they(sheep)hate him. Let’s face it, he was a kid badly advised by agents who were sharks in an era when things were MUCH different to what they are like today. He’s West Ham through and through, NEVER bad mouthed the club and has apologised countless times.
    Lampard (Jr) by the same token has slagged off this club time and time again and wishes us the worst…. If idiots want a figure of hate OR panto villain then I suggest here’s your man.

    As for Ince who was loyal to the club until they treated Johnny Lyall so badly, the idiots need to have a long look at themselves and get over it already. As the saying goes “He who has NEVER made a mistake….cast the first stone!”

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