Transfer Rangers!


With Rangers entering administration and liquidation, there has been a fire sale of players as they try and lessen their level of debt. Without trying to become one of several metaphorical buzzard clubs circling a dying carcass, could there be a few quality players that can make the journey south and join West Ham for a reasonable price?

One that seems like a potential steal to me is Maurice Edu, the American international midfielder who likes to get forward and has a habit of scoring crucial goals. He’s only 26, he’s big and physical, and offers a solid option in central midfield. Another player is Rangers captain Steven Davis, the Northern Irishman who offers both assists and goals from midfield. At 27, he still has his best years in front of him and could offer us more creativity in the midfield than we have seen these past few seasons.


Whether or not the Rangers will be willing to deal remains to be seen, but I feel these two midfielders deserve a good long look from Big Sam as we look to bolster our squad ahead of our return to the Premier League. We will certainly need all the help and depth we can get.

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  • cb says:

    Are Edu and David likely to be happy sitting on the bench?

    decent players but they’re not going to be ahead of Noble, Nolan and Diame for those spots

  • Joe a says:

    We must get John Fleck. He is a great young talent.

  • mal says:

    theres no fire sale these players r all free agents…..

  • Rhys Baird says:

    All have been released on frees. Edu won’t get in ahead of diame but Davis is better than noble. He’ll end up at Liverpool or everton

  • andrew says:

    I’m afraid they regard themselves as free agents having objected to their contracts being transferred under TUPE to the new Rangers company. Rangers are not selling them and have stated they regard them in breach of contract. If they had wanted to leave, they had already negotiated clauses that meant they could be sold for a fraction of their value, but they have chosen to simply walk away. West Ham supporters have long admired loyalty in their players. These are decent players but not of the calibre West Ham demands.

    • NoPretender says:

      not calibre that west ham demands; are you on the juice?
      last i heard you were struggling to get outta the championshp. besides longball merchants like them don’t need a midfield. 8 defenders & 2 forwards would be more suitable to your style of play.
      who are mark noble & diame?

      im forever blowing smoke out my jaxxy……

  • andrew says:

    ps, this is not the case for Sasha Papac, who is a free agent and had already announced he was leaving.

  • The hammer says:

    None of RAngers players are good enough to join west ham, from the papers say the club cheated to win titles which gives their players a bit more credit having champions medals. We want real winners at our club, not pretenders.

  • Lee says:

    Davis better then noble?? What planet you on,Scottish league is mickey mouse!! Kris Boyd the all time spl goal scorer couldn’t even hack it in the championship! Only player worth a slight look st is Steven Naismith!!

  • Rossco says:

    There free agents why on earth would they pick west ham of all clubs to go to? get a grip west ham raiding rangers? Laughable

  • andrew says:

    Cheating is paper talk. The accusation hinges on EBT’s used to pay some players and directors, similar to that used by Jimmy Carr. Tax avoidance is something of a national issue and HMRC are smarting after losing to Harry Rednapp. All football teams watch out. Some of these players are decent players, my point was that they have no loyalty. With regard to Kris Boyd, DiCanio did not always hold down a place in the Celtic team, some players don’t travel or adapt.

  • HammerTime says:

    West Ham may have been in the championship last year, but if we’d of been in the Scottish league we’d have won it.

    So yes, West Ham do have better players than Rangers and we shouldn’t just take players because they”re available.

    I remember when Strachan took over at Middlesborough, in came all the Scottish players from Celtic etc. and what happened? He was sacked and they were rubbish. IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

    Rangers are a Championship playoff quality side at best. West Ham are now a Premiership side and have been for most of the last 20 years.

  • The hammer says:

    I agree with you hammer time inmost of what you said but infairness Celtic are a better team than ourselves. They have played at the highest level getting past the group stages of the champions league and beating huge teams on their way on several occasions in the past 6 years, they made euro final in the last 10 years. If they had our tv money then we would get whipped as they are still a huge draw to players because of their global appeal and history. You are right though, the spl is Mickey mouse and what’s going on up there shows that!

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