Elmo tickles BFS fancy?


According to newspaper reports West Ham United are keen on 24-year-old Egyptian international Ahmed Elmohamady who has spent the last two years with Sunderland.

Elmo” initially impressed on loan in Teeside and his transfer was made permanent in March 2011 by then manager Steve Bruce. However since the arrival of current boss Martin O’Neill midway through last season, Elmohamady has slipped down the pecking order and might as well have been browsing, making just four Premier League appearances since January.

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The former Engineering for the Petroleum and Process Industries Club winger was touted as an Arsenal target at the end of the season but this speculation was wide of the mark. The player now seems to be accompanying Marcos Angeleri out of Sunderland exit door. “Elmo” announced last week to Modern Sports that “West Ham are in talks with me. There could be something next week.” However the twitter account of Jack Sullivan (David Sullivan’s 12-year-old son) has denied this claim. He states “We are not trying to sign Elmohamdyu (sic) from Sunderland”, before clearing up any doubt by insisting, “we never wanted him”.

May fans have been surprised but the tricky winger’s omission from the Sunderland first team in recent months given the level of performances shown at the start of his career in the Premiership. However a quick look over Sunderland Fan Forums gives a different view – some have referred to his style as like a “dog chasing a balloon” and that “he never uses his pace to

beat a man”. Sounds too much like Julien Faubert for my liking!

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We do need width to the team but will “Elmo” improve on what we already have? Will we instead look to Barrera to provide this role or can Elmohamady be the best Egyptian to have played for West Ham since Mido? Let us know what you think.

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  • John says:

    I wouldn’t really trust a child as a reputable source. Oh and it’s Wearside, not Teeside (that’s Middlesbrough), try doing some proper research instead of making yourself and your club look foolish.

  • Fat Chris says:

    Good sesame street pun in the title! I’m with John in as much as a child usually isn’t a good source of information but when it’s the owner’s son you should listen especially when he’s been right a number of times – Maynard & RVT etc.

    Slightly concerned with the speculation about Elm – not better than O’Neil for example.

    Teeside/Wearside – its all up north to me!

  • The Sting says:

    Faubert wasn’t good mate – and this eyptian bloke can’t be any worse! would prefer Richardson though.

  • Mac says:

    Elmo is a good solid player just not given the chance at SAFC, would be a good player for WHFC- Teeside/Wearside same as West Ham/Millwall all down south?

  • craig says:

    wearside is not teeside and never will be. He is poor btw and yes richardson would be a much better buy for you. Seriously though if u gunna write an artical then at least do sum research on the place :p

  • John says:

    Your article really is poor, wrong place and then you spell it wrong!!

    Its TEESSIDE you cockney winker.

  • mackem gaz says:

    elmo is probably the worst player in the premier league, please take him off our hands. In fact I’ll drive him all the way from WEARSIDE myself

  • St Ives Mackem says:

    In all honesty, Elmo is quick and decent in the air and that’s it. No end product, no composure in front of goal, doesn’t like a tackle.

    Change of scenery might bring do him good but don’t pin your hopes on him.

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