Do we need to strengthen?


Looking at the team we have at the moment there are clear positions in which we need to strengthen if we want to make it in the Premiership. I’ll take a look at the position I think we need to invest in and see what could be done about it.

Left Back

The only player we have that is naturally played in this position is George McCartney, who only a loan is signing, although a permanent deal may be possible for him. The only other cover we have is Danny Potts, who, although he is only young, has shown

promise in the games which he has made an appearance. A player we used to have that I would like to see still playing in the Hammers colours at left back is Paul Konchesky; I’d like to see someone who plays the same way he plays. Direct running, great range of passing and a sweet left boot.

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Right Back

This is one that not a lot of people agree with me on as we have Guy Demel, Joey O’Brien, Winston Reid and Julien Faubert. But when I look at it all I see is Demel, who is as solid as a truck and takes a lot to beat. O’Brien, who has performed well for us in the performances he has made but I don’t think he has what it takes to make it in the Premiership. Reid, who is playing well with Tomkins in the centre and I think that is where he should play and then we get to Faubert… Well, we all have our own opinions of him but at right back he is ridiculously bad. Getting a decent right back in, who is quick and not afraid to go into the challenge.

There’s only one player that comes to mind when I think of a style of play I like in the right back position. Glen Johnson, he is awesome on and off the ball, always looking for the run down the wing and a great right boot, whether that is a shot or a cross. He

seems able to dictate the tempo of a game and that’s a big plus for any team to have.

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Centre Midfielder

Yeah we have Jack Collison, Mark Noble and Kevin Nolan, but Nolan is very inconsistent, as is Collison. Collison looks like he’s talking a while to get back to his best and isn’t quite there yet. Although I can’t really fault Mark Noble I think we need someone with a little bit more creativity, such as Henri Lansbury. Arsenal were very quick to get him on a longer contract as soon as they realised his potential so unfortunately it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting him anytime soon. I’d like to see a player like Snodgrass at West Ham, yes I know his team haven’t exactly done anything amazing this year and are very lacklustre, he is still a great player, quick and nimble he can turn on a pin head and only needs a slight bit of space before he unleashes a furious shot on goal. He would be a great player for West Ham.

There was going to be a lot more on here about the need for a striker as I’ve been planning on writing this for a while now, but we have Cole, Maynard, Baldock and RVT. Do we need anymore? I really don’t think we do.

Deen Galer


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  • Hammersam says:

    Total madness! Why would Johnson leve liverpool? Paul Konchesky is barely good enough for Leicester and Snodgrass would be a winger for us. Other then that a great post lol

    PS you missed one position….In goal! Green is far to inconsistant, did you see Hulls goal yesterday a shocker didnt even get offthe floor. Plus hes out of contract and wont be signing again.

    • Deen Galer says:

      I wasn’t saying to sign them players in particular I was just saying they play the kind of football I think we should look for, was comparing them to other potential players.

  • tel_no1 says:

    I got as far as Paul Konchesky.

    Hammersam, how is Green inconsistent because of one mistake? Find another couple of ‘clangers’ from this season and you might be justified…

  • Jamal says:

    We dont need a striker? If none of our strikers have
    a decent goal record in the championship, how are they of premiership quality? Other than RVT, they all have poor goal records, and, other than Baldock , are too old to get better We should get rid of them all other than Baldock and RVT.

    • Deen Galer says:

      I am one of the ones that like Cole, yes I know he is not one of the best in the game and we could get better but I think he digs in when we need it and he has made in difference in a few games this season. RVT is pure class and Baldock deserves more of a run. Maynard is yet to shine and needs to play with a big striker, not alongside Baldock, that doesn’t work.

  • Legends says:

    im dont agree the focus is left back, right back and centre midfield. mcCartney, obrien and nolan have all played in the premier league and earned either a contact or our support. noble gets better every year as will collison. … i would like to see faubert used more as a man-to-man marker, and definitely not sold because i think he’s a real asset to the club if used in the right way. snodgrass was very impressive when ive seen him but it would have to be at the expense of lansbury. unfortunately i think lansbury’s loan situation is hindering him and the club. its better adding value to players who have a west ham contract.
    we need natural wide players, a goalkeeper who loves the club(! i.e signs a contract! i dont like this wait and see rubbish.), and a goal scorer. ..clearly big sam doesnt rate some of the strikers he’s bought in (carew, baldock or maynard) so perhaps he wants to try again?

    • Deen Galer says:

      McCartney is only a loan signing so we will be losing at the end of the season (hopefully we do sign him). Nolan is a big contributor but has a short temper and is not the most creative of players and its down to opinion on O’Brien i think, and I’m of the opinion he wont cut it. Hence why we got him out of the Premiership to play in the Championship

      • Legends says:

        mccartney is obtainable at the end of the season whereas lansbury is not (correct me if im wrong). i think mccartney loves playing in the shirt and wants it. so sign him up! o’brien hasnt convinced me he feels the same, but is mature and dependable. id have him in the squad. … your article was valid and u may be right. i think if we get promoted and want european football straight away many positions need to be reevaluated.

  • worcester hammer says:

    konchesky:have you forgotten reading turning us over a few years back,and him grining like a cheshire cat.

    • Deen Galer says:

      No I’ve never seen that if I’m honest but as he was a season ticket holder in his boyhood days i thought he would have some kind of loyalty. Suppose i was wrong with that one.

  • Sleno says:

    You might be interested to know that those rumors of Lansbury signing a long contract at Arsenal were untrue. I had a good chat with him a couple of weeks back and turns out he only signed a year so that he could come on loan.

  • Sleno says:

    Oh an McCartney wants to stay for sure. He regretted every leaving and looks set to stay

  • CB says:

    Glenn Johnson? Who cost 18m?

    And Paul Konchesky who has struggled to get in mid table Championship side Leicesters team at times this season?

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