Surely he deserves a chance?


I was pleased earlier this week when it was announced that Cristian Montano had returned from his latest loan spell; just what we need I thought; a player with the spark, creativity and guile to unlock opposition defences and help us end our woeful home form.

So I was surprised and disappointed to say the least when on Friday it was announced he was going out on loan yet again this time to Oxford. I get its crucial for the development of young

players that they go out and get regular football, but I can’t help but think to myself here’s a lad who’s spent 3 quarters of the season going on loan to various clubs dotted around the Football League; surely now he’s ready to return and get stuck into our battle to get back into the Premier League?

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The reason we’ve slipped out of the top two is simple; at home we struggle to break down opposition teams who come to the Boleyn ground, treat the occasion as a cup final and set up with their two banks of four and are very happy to barely get out of their half. Surely the innovation, creativity and guile of Montano would be beneficial in breaking down such opposition? Thusly turning our frustrating draws into glorious wins.

We will be heading into the play-off lottery unless our home form is finally sorted and I believed that the reason Montano’s loan wasn’t extended with Nott’s County was because Big Sam felt that Cristian could help with this particular plight; but by the time his loan expires they’ll be just one home game remaining and by then you’d imagine whether it’s the agony of play-offs or the joy of automatics it’ll be settled by then.



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From what I’ve seen of Montano this season he has the ability to produce something out of nothing; be it a goal or a defence splitting pass and in my humble opinion we’ve lacked exactly this in our run of four successive home draws.

At every club he’s been at this season he’s brought goals and assists with him; it’s a shame he won’t that chance with us.

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  • DaveWHU says:

    Why does he ‘deserve’ a chance? What has he done to ‘deserve’ it? Just look at who he has been farmed out to this season- that’ll tell you the level he’s at right now, whilst even Nouble has ended up at a Championship team. I hope the lad comes god but we’re at the business end of the season now and taking a punt on an as yet unremarkable youngster makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Micky says:

    Makes more sense then sticking with the tripe that we have got playing at the min Taylor ain’t done nothing for me faubert can’t produce the end product what we need Nolan has been useless in center mid and collison has been non existent all season I’d rather see montano hall n Morrison play some games what better way to give us fans a lift then see one of their own finally given a chance

  • John J - Ripon says:

    It seems that Big Sam is preferring experience to youth right now. I think Morrison will climb up the pecking order and maybe he’ll add the spark we need to push on. It’s not looking great right now, as our run of form doesn’t compare well with S’oton and Reading’s. Still 10 games to go and not much in it, so an auto spot is not beyond us. To be honest, if I’d been offered a play off place at the beginning of the season, I’d have grabbed it: now, after having so many chances to put promotion to bed, a play off place will be a nervy disappointment.

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