What’s the latest on David Moyes’ West Ham future?

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According to Claret & Hugh, the board at West Ham United have absolutely zero interest in sacking David Moyes before the end of the season.

West Ham United finally picked up their first victory of the year on Monday evening when they hosted Brentford in their Premier League clash at the London Stadium.

David Moyes will have been feeling the pressure from the supporters and his superiors since the turn of the year, as it has appeared like the Hammers have fallen off a cliff in the last few months after a fantastic start to their campaign.

Although the voice of the supporters seems to be leaning in the majority for Moyes to be sacked before the season is over, it is looking more and more likely that Scotsman will retain his role in East London until at least the end of the campaign – when his contract will either expire or be renewed.

West Ham insiders Claret & Hugh have spoken out today on the situation to give some clarity to supporters after taking three points from the Bees earlier this week.

They released a lengthy statement earlier today claiming:

“The board do not want rid of him unless is becomes absolutely necessary at the end of the season which is the decision they took at the beginning of the campaign.”

“Yes, they had seen him win the minor Euro trophy last term -which will probably be followed by Villa this year – but that in itself holds little sway right now. Only results matter in the Premier League matter although the Euro League is very important to them.”

“At the outset of the season Claret and Hugh was told categorically: “There will be no new contract decision until the end of the season should we decide to do so. That’s the way we have always done it and remember our Premier League situation last season wasn’t good.”

“So despite since Moyes-amended claims that a contract was all but on the table in December, the reality is that he will not know his fate – as far as the board is concerned – until June.”

Should West Ham sack Moyes now?

There is no doubt that the relationship between Moyes’ and the Irons supporters has broken down into disrepair at this point, but there is a lot to be considered at such a vulnerable stage of the season.

West Ham are still competing in the Europa League and are in a strong position to qualify for European football with a top seven Premier League finish if they can start to pick up some form in their upcoming fixtures.

Everton and Burnley are the next Premier League fixtures ahead so taking six points from two relegation-battling sides will be absolutely essential for Moyes in terms of getting the supporters on side, and confident progression in the Europa League will surely appeal to their forgiving side too.

With that being said, it would only make sense for West Ham to sack Moyes if he was knocked out of Europe and was falling out of the race for a top seven finish in the coming weeks; however, there is also the matter of finding the right manager to replace him too.

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