A Quick Look at Some of the Top Hammers Ever

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West Ham United has enjoyed a long and colourful history. Not only is this team followed by millions of fans, but it has also given birth to some of the most well-known legends in the sport. What names consistently rise to the top of the list? Let’s take a quick look at the top five “Hammers” as well as what each individual brought to the pitch.

Scott Parker

After being transferred from Newcastle in 2007, Parker quickly rose up the ranks to become one of the most talented West ham players. This also enabled him to be awarded the PFA Player of the Year. Although it is slightly disappointing that West Ham did not perform as well as they could have in recent times, it is impossible to criticise the talent of Parker himself.

Martin Peters

It is impossible to highlight the best West Ham players without mentioning Martin Peters. Often known as “Mr. Versatile” within the locker room, Peters had the unique ability to play nearly every position while on the pitch. This is one of the reasons why he also held a World Cup title to his name. Known for his prowess when performing free kicks and even the ability to play goalkeeper, Peters enjoyed a prolific eleven years with West Ham.

Billy Bonds

Who can forget Billy Bonds and the incredible 21 seasons that he played with West Ham? Not only does he still hold the record of being the most-played footballer in history, but he went on to manage West Ham for an additional four years after his playing career came to an end. His career is punctuated by a total of 793 appearances alongside 59 goals. While somewhat gritty and aggressive while on the pitch, such a style certainly helped to put his team on the map.

Sir Trevor Brooking

In terms of longevity, Sir Brooking is not to be reckoned with. Having played with West Ham for 17 years and enjoying no fewer than 636 appearances, he is quite famous throughout the region. In fact, a section of the stands at Upton Park still bears his name. Unlike many players of his generation, it is said that Brooking was much more cerebral in his approach to each competition. This allowed him to make some truly stunning plays over the years.

Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore is arguably the best West Ham player within this list. Moore was not only an incredible defender, but he was genuinely a nice person. In other words, Moore is to West Ham what Ken Upton is to the world of blackjack. Bobby Moore was captain for ten years including the 1966 season when his team walked away with a World Cup title. His 16-year stint with West Ham will never be forgotten and Moore is still a legend in the 21st century.

These five players have made West ham what it is today and they have inspired an entire generation of younger players.

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