West Ham fans react as ExWHUemployee passes on Season Ticket holders Covid-19 update


ExWHUemployee has passed on a revelation about the Coronavirus, stating that he’s heard in the event of behind-closed-doors matches, live streams will be made available to Season Ticket holders.

This came after he was asked by a fan if he knew anything regarding a report that stated games at all levels will be made spectator-free from this weekend.

It’s interesting to consider whether the club are aiming to do this instead of issuing refunds or money back towards other things for the missed encounters.

If so, that’s surely a disgrace considering the fact that the next two home games are due to be shown live on Sky Sports  – what exactly will they be getting that everyone else isn’t?

Anyway, Premier League players are now showing symptoms for Covid-19, which would perhaps point to the outright postponement of fixtures this weekend.

Here’s the pick of the mixed reactive Tweets to Ex’s update…

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