Date: 18th March 2020 at 7:10pm
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There’s nothing like a good away day, is there?

The beers on the train or coach, the pre-match pub and kebab and the atmosphere, surrounded by only the most dedicated and singing your heart out for 90 minutes, win, lose or draw.

But some away games can be dampened by the (lack of) quality of the ground, though by the same measure made even better certain in cases.

I can imagine that was nearly as enjoyable for the away fans as it was for us due to the whole matchday experience – however, the same could probably be said of Stadium, if you follow me.

Last Tuesday evening, fellow West Ham supporters on Twitter were giving their verdict on away grounds, discussing their most-loved away trips after a Tweet from West Ham Central.

A handful of more traditional grounds seemed to triumph over all the overs for various reasons and you can see that for yourself, below…