Date: 13th March 2020 at 5:10pm
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There’s nothing like a bit of Hammer of the Year chatter to distract us from this Coronavirus nonsense, is there?

It may not have been the best of seasons for us so far and it would probably be a relief if they voided it, but there’s still been some impressive individual performers – and we’re pretty sure that the club will still hand the award out whenever 2019/2020 finishes.

Last Thursday, Polls on Twitter asked our fellow fans to vote on who they think deserves the accolade based on what we’ve seen so far and it prompted discussion of potential winners in the comments.

The poll itself consisted of just two names, and , with a third option for ‘other’.

And with the best part of a week still left in the vote, Oggy is out in front with 63% with Deccers in second with 30 and ‘other’ in third with seven…