West Ham fans on social media have faith in Manuel Lanzini


When @westham_gossip asked our fellow West Ham fans on social media to discuss whether Manuel Lanzini has a future with us and whether he will regain his form, the majority of the answers were negative.

However, some supporters haven’t been hiding their unpopular opinions to the contrary, claiming that he can get his form back with his confidence and that we should have faith in him.

As we all know, Lanzini is a much-maligned figure in east London at the moment and many want him replaced in the summer.

When you look at his record since returning from that horrendous ACL injury, it’s not hard to see why but surely somewhere in there, there’s that player we fell in love with in 2015/2016.

It’s not like ‘The Jewel’ has been getting many chances to prove the masses wrong recently, is it?

Maybe he deserves another pre-season to work on his fitness and to prove his worth…

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