West Ham fans on social media excited for the future under David Moyes


A social media post from West Ham Fan Zone has prompted fellow supporters to get excited for the future under David Moyes’ stewardship.

The account Tweeted to say that they admired the fact that the gaffer seems to have a plan in place going forward involving the way he wants to play and the players he wants.

Well, it might not have been the most flattering of starts, but he does now appear to have better control of things, a style and perhaps his best Xl moving ahead after Saturday’s performance.

Obviously we’re far from safe and can’t carry on like the job is done just yet, though surely we shouldn’t make the same mistake twice in moving Moyes on after he’s kept us up and appointing a more fashionable name.

Perhaps a string of steady campaigns under Moyes is what the doctor ordered in the first place, then we could have looked to someone more exciting.

Shouldn’t we try to do that this time if we stay in the division?…

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