Date: 11th February 2020 at 6:50pm
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Many fans on social media have been divided by comments made by Steve Lomas regarding Gold & and their relationship with supporters.

Arguing the cliche ‘be careful what you wish for’, the 206-appearance ex-Hammer defended the owners, conceding that they’ve made mistakes but none of their failings have been out of malice and anyone who thinks they have is an “idiot.”

Some fans partially agreed with the West Ham Ambassador and some totally disagreed with him, accusing him of utterly missing the point and stating that they’ve no longer got time for the 46-year-old, along with Tony Gale.

Also in the same interview, an exclusive with The Sun, Lomas called for supporters to put an end to the protests and focus on getting behind Moyes and the players. Why can’t they do both?

Here’s the best of the mixed reaction to the GSB comments…