West Ham fans on club takeover interest

Image for West Ham fans on club takeover interest

Not for the first time, a Twitter update from ExWHUemployee has exhilarated fans and this time it concerns a possible takeover, or at least interest in one.

Last Wednesday evening, the insider source revealed that there’s some heat being generated for possible offers for the club following claims from another account on the same issue.

We know that in the past Red Bull have lodged a bid to buy the club and Paul Allen, best known as the co-founder of Microsoft, was also interested before his death in 2018.

One supporter suggested that Allen’s partner Bill Gates might be the man to free us from the shackles of Gold, Sullivan and Brady, while another simply stated that this was the best Tweet Ex had ever sent out and a third pleaded to God for the interest in offers to be true.

Later in the night, the second account mentioned before, a supposed insider too, Tweeted to say that Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman could turn his attention to east London and Red Bull are still keen…

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