Date: 17th January 2020 at 7:24pm
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Plans for a West Ham fan protest on Saturday seem to have intensified following a trio of interviews from, you guessed it, Sullivan, Gold and Brady.

The threesome all spoke out ahead of the match this weekend, which happens to fall a day before the ten-year anniversary of and ’s takeover.

Fittingly, the planned protest will also take place on the day and feature a static gathering just three minutes from Stadium prior to the security checking barriers.

will have undoubtedly hoped that some of their words would have cooled interest in the demonstration, but instead, it looks like they’ve thrown fuel on the fire.

One supporter on Twitter thanked them from the organisers of the protest for doing everything they can to get fans to support the protest this week, while another said that they’ve changed their mind and will now be attending and one more urged fellow fans to be there in force after the comments…