Date: 28th January 2020 at 7:54pm
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Did someone on ’s media team not think that this wouldn’t be the best time to Tweet an interview with posing the question of who the biggest joker at the club is?

Fans were always going to have very different answers than Rice to offer for the question on Twitter and some haven’t been holding back with them.

Those that have spoken out are all saying the same thing, GSB (, and Brady), and is it really a surprise given the way that they’ running the club at the moment?

It’s almost as if the league have realised what’s going on as well and are subtly trying to raise awareness – the timing of the video does seem quite odd.

Conspiracies aside, Rice’s actual answer, unsurprisingly, was Robert Snodgrass and quite hilariously, he recalled a time when he was able to sneak a Creme Brulee into his pocket.