Ridgewell makes bizarre Wilshere claim

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Former Premier League defender Liam Ridgewell seem to imply that West Ham midfielder Jack Wilshere contributes to his own injury problems and surely he is wrong to do so.

The defender, who is now playing for Southend United, was asked whether a switch to the MLS would be good for Wilshere and when explaining that it would, claimed the Hammers midfielder’s injury problems would go away when playing in America.

“I think Jack would find going to America very refreshing and I think his injury problems would go, because he wouldn’t be worried about it and it wouldn’t be playing up in his mind all the time,” Ridgewell told The Athletic.

The Athletic reported on Thursday that a move to America appealed to Wilshere and that may be the case, but surely Ridgewell is wrong to imply that all the midfielder’s injury problems would go away if in the MLS.

As it sounds like the defender is basically saying that Wilshere’s injury problems are down to his mentality and that he is constantly getting injured because he is worried about a setback.

While it could be argued that the 27-year-old may be more wary about throwing himself into tackles or getting stuck in due to past injury problems makes sense, that’s not what Ridgewell implies.

The defender seems to directly suggest Wilshere contributes to his own misfortune regarding injuries, but it’s not like his injuries are in his head and avoidable, he just has some bad luck when it comes to suffering problems.

A positive mental attitude isn’t suddenly going to stop him suffering a hamstring tear after all.

The 27-year-old, who earns £100,000-a-week (Source: Spotrac), has only played 175 minutes of Premier League action this season, as per Transfermarkt, and he has played no part in the Hammers’ last two league matches due to a groin injury. (Source: Football.London)

In his 2018/19 campaign, Wilshere missed 30 games due to an ankle injury, that led to him having surgery (Source: Transfermarkt) and it’s doubtful he suffered an issue because he was worried about getting hurt.

Ahead of arriving at the Hammers in the summer of 2018, Wilshere suffered 13 separate injuries, as per Transfermarkt, when at Arsenal, with him having regular problems with his ankles as well as a knee injury reoccurring a couple of times.

If the midfielder was to suddenly apply his trade in the MLS rather than the Premier League, it’s hard to see why his injury problems wouldn’t follow him to America just like they followed him from Arsenal to the Hammers.

After all, even if you argue that he may play less or be wrapped up in cotton wool in the MLS, it’s worth pointing out it’s not like he’s constantly been rushed into action for the Hammers and overworked.

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