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Redknapp remarks on Pellegrini


Harry Redknapp revealed he didn’t know whether Manuel Pellegrini was the right man for West Ham but was aware that the experienced manager needed to start racking up results.

Ian Abrahams, of talkSPORT fame, asked the ex-Hammers boss whether Pellegrini was “the right man” for the London club given that the team haven’t won any of their last six league games.

Redknapp admitted that he didn’t know Pellegrini well enough to give a direct answer, but made clear that he believes West Ham fans could be impatient and that they will want to see a big improvement from their side in the next few games.

“Listen, I don’t know,” said Redknapp in an interview uploaded to Abrahams’ Instagram.

“I’ve never seen him work so I don’t know, but he needs results.

“West Ham fans are quite knowledgeable but also quite impatient, they’re not going to stand getting beat every week and clapping the team off, they want to see results.

“Y’know they pay good money and they’ve seen great players over the years, so they’ll want to see a big improvement in the next three or four games for sure.”


Redknapp hasn’t hung Pellegrini out to dry nor has he given him his support or public backing, so the current Hammers boss won’t be too concerned about the 72-year-old’s remarks. However, Pellegrini should probably read between the lines when it comes to Redknapp’s response to being asked if the experience manager is the right man for the club, as he could learn a lot. Redknapp seems to imply that West Ham’s fans have a bit of power when it comes to Pellegrini’s future as he makes clear they need to be kept happy. If you lose the West Ham fans, then perhaps it’s just a matter of time before you lose your job. Yet that said, Pellegrini still has time to get the fans on his side. The Hammers may not have won any of their last six league games, but beating Tottenham on Saturday, could see him soon be covered in praise. After all, Spurs are not only the club’s most fierce rivals, but given how many good players they have in their squad, it will show West Ham are on the right track if they can beat a team of Tottenham’s pedigree. 

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