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Moyes demand will scare West Ham

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West Ham will surely be scared off hiring David Moyes to be manager Manuel Pellegrini’s successor if they opt to make a change based on the Scottish boss’ reported demand.

The Sun reported on Thursday that Moyes was planning on telling West Ham and Everton that he wants assurances if he became manager of either of them anytime soon, as he wants them to guarantee that he’ll be given enough time to build a successful squad.

Football Insider previously revealed that West Ham chief David Sullivan was pushing for Moyes to be the leading candidate to replace Pellegrini, but even he’ll be put off Moyes if the manager is set to demand that a long-term stay is guaranteed.

After all the only way a club could really guarantee that is by giving him a long contract, which could end up being costly to cut short if things go wrong.

Just look at the fact that according to Claret & Hugh that it will cost in the region of £20million to sack Pellegrini and his staff if the Hammers want to get rid of him following a seven-game winless run.

That shows how handing out contracts, especially ones with a decent amount of time left, can end up backfiring on a club if anything doesn’t go to plan.

Also, it’s worth noting that West Ham’s hierarchy previously deemed Moyes as not being good enough at the end of the 2017/18 season as they decided not to take up the permanent clause in his contract after his interim deal ran out at the end of the season. (Source: The Sun)

Given that isn’t ancient history, clearly, the Hammers may be keen on the idea of Moyes replacing Pellegrini if the club are set to face a relegation battle, as he proved he can save a side in that position, but why would they all of sudden think he is a long-term solution for the club’s hot seat?

After all, he did all he could to impress them the first time around as Moyes, who had a win percentage of 29% across the 31 Hammers game he was in charge of, took the club to 13th after he started within them in the relegation zone. (Source: BBC Sport)

So if they weren’t confident enough to hand him a long-term deal then, they certainly won’t be now after he has been spent over a year on the shelf.

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