Date: 28th November 2019 at 7:58am
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Adrian Durham raved about Huddersfield Town duo Danny and and claimed they are made for .

The host shared he was baffled over why the brothers aren’t currently in the Premier League, with them currently doing well with Huddersfield Town in the Championship, and stated they could make a difference at the .

Durham added that the Cowley brothers could bring a spirit to which Hammers supporters would want to buy into, even if it meant their club weren’t about to qualify for the Champions League.

“Why aren’t they in the Premier League? And why aren’t they going to be in the Premier League for a little while yet?” said Durham on talkSPORT, as seen in a clip on the station’s Twitter channel.

“I’ll tell you why it’s because they used to be teachers and they’re from Essex. That’s why.

“They’re West Ham fans, they’re made for West Ham aren’t they?

“Made for West Ham, they will bring something into that football club, a togetherness, a spirit, a love, something all the fans want to part of.

“They may not win the league or get in the Champions League, but they will provide something that fans want to buy into, that spirit they bring whatever they go.

“It’s pure football snobbery that stops them getting a top job.”


Durham makes some good points and there’s probably a number of West Ham fans who’d like to see the club be managed by people that support the club. However, are the Cowleys really being denied a top job due to pure football snobbery? Danny has proven to be a capable manager in the lower leagues with Nicky at his side as his assistant, but it’s hard to get a Premier League job as most clubs tend to view hiring unexperienced top-flight managers as a gamble. After all, while the pair did an incredible job at Lincoln, they took the club to Wembley for the first time in the EFL Cup and won with them, does doing well at Lincoln really mean you should be in the Premier League? It doesn’t work like that for players. The Cowleys have been given an opportunity to show what they’re capable of at a higher level with Huddersfield Town, but given they only took over in September, it’s way too soon to be screaming from the rooftops that they’re being denied a top job. So at this times, should only be keeping one eye on them and if the club do opt to sack anytime soon, the pair shouldn’t arrive to replace him.