Cole describes his ideal West Ham manager

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Joe Cole appeared to imply Manuel Pellegrini isn’t the right man for West Ham when remarking on what makes the ideal Hammers manager.

The former Hammers player previously shared that he didn’t want to be the one to say it was time for Pellegrini to go after the 3-2 loss to Tottenham, but then Jake Humphry pushed him further on the subject.

The BT Sport presenter asked if Cole would be interested in becoming West Ham manager, and he sidestepped directly answering that question by explaining the type of boss who’d be ideal for the Hammers if they parted company with Pellegrini.

Cole claimed the Hammers need a young manager with a plan who has control over transfers and a manager who not only has a good rapport with fans when they explained their plan thoroughly but one who utilised the club’s academy.

“I would love to see West Ham do well, but it’s difficult to talk about with a manager in place,” said Cole on BT Sport 1 (14:53, Saturday, November 23rd).

“When you think about this club historically, it needs a young manager with a plan.

“With a plan, a basis, someone who has got control over who comes in and out of this club, I think that’s where the key is with this club if they bring the right players in.

“You need to educate the fans, well not educate, bring them in, let them know this is what we’re going to do, we’re going down this road.

“Young players, galvanise the academy again which is what the clubs about, then it could work.”

While Cole was careful not to say it was time for Pellegrini to go, he then effectively implies he thinks it is, by listing qualities that the ideal Hammers manager should have, which the current boss clearly doesn’t.

Firstly Cole claims West Ham needs a young manager, Pellegrini is 66-years-old and is actually the 10th oldest manager to ever manage in the Premier League, so he doesn’t tick that box. (Source: Goal)

Cole then claims a Hammers manager needs to have a plan as well as be in charge of the club’s transfer policy so the right players can be brought it, and you feel that by saying that, he is questioning whether Pellegrini has a plan and whether the manager has enough of a say in transfers.

The former Hammer then suggests the club need a manager that constantly updates fans and has good communication with them, and you have to question if Pellegrini ticks that box.

The experienced manager is always vague with what he says and carefully words everything, even in his post-match interview after the Spurs game with the BBC, he acknowledges fans frustrations without addressing them too directly.

Then there are Cole’s comments on using young players and the club’s academy.

While Pellegrini didn’t steer away from using youth last season, see Ben Johnson and Grady Diangana getting opportunities, you can’t say he is utilising the club’s youth players to the max this season.

Nathan Holland, who has been shining bright for the U-23s, was given an opportunity in the EFL Cup against Oxford United and that’s been it for him, while Diangana, Josh Cullen and Nathan Trott have been loaned out to get their game time.

So with that in mind, while Cole won’t directly say it, you do feel Pellegrini hasn’t got his backing.

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