Bent shares impression Pellegrini gives off



Darren Bent ripped apart West Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini ahead of the Hammers facing Tottenham on Saturday.

The Sky Sports pundit claimed that the experienced manager didn’t look like he had a clue on how to turn West Ham’s form around and also suggested he didn’t think Pellegrini did his homework when it comes to his opponents.

While that is a strong enough opinion as it is to suggest time should be running out for Pellegrini, what Bent said next surely means the writing has to be on the wall for the manager if the pundit is spot-on with what he said.

Bent claimed Pellegrini looked like he thought West Ham were lucky to have him and had an attitude like he was ready to accept whatever was going to happen.

“He’s gone to West Ham and now he’s struggling. Pellegrini looks like he doesn’t have a clue what to do,” Bent told Football Insider.

“I don’t think he does his homework on the teams he’s playing against, I don’t think he does the due diligence on the players he’s playing against.

“At the minute, he’s looking like: ‘Well I’ve won the Premier League and this team are lucky to have me so whatever’s going to happen is going to happen.’”

While the Sky pundit is sharing his impression on Pellegrini based on how the manager carries himself, if he’s right with what he says, then Pellegrini won’t stick around long, as it sounds like he doesn’t care about the club.

If Pellegrini doesn’t care, and just takes his position at West Ham for granted, he doesn’t sound like the type of manager capable of changing the club’s fortunes.

The Hammers haven’t won any of their last six league games, and it seems to all have gone wrong since the embarrassing loss to Oxford United.

West Ham lost 4-0 to League One’s Oxford United in the EFL cup and considering the lower-ranked opposition weren’t, and still aren’t, pulling up trees in their respective division, they sit seventh, it shows what an unacceptable defeat it was.

A few more poor results could end up being enough to condemn Pellegrini’s fate in the near future and it does seem inevitable his team will continue to struggle if his attitude is like Bent believes it is.

However, that is a big if, as you feel someone of Pellegrini’s reputation and stature in football, wouldn’t have such an arrogant and potentially unprofessional attitude.

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