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Keys hopes Hughton gets West Ham job


beIN SPORTS presenter has talked up former Brighton & Hove Albion boss as a potential replacement for manager Manuel Pellegrini.

The Chilean is under serious pressure in east London after eight games without a win, and the Daily Mirror claim Hughton is one of the names being considered as a possible replacement.

Keys has had his say: “I’m reading is ’s man. I hope so,” he wrote on his website. “Chris is a great guy, but in order to have any success ambitions at that club have to be more realistic. Historically have been a top end second tier team or one that can compete half way up the top league.

“Occasionally they’d win a cup. That’s what are today. It’s nonsense to pretend differently, although Ms Brady believes otherwise. It’s a pity all the advice she offers to others in her national newspaper column can’t be harnessed for the good of West Ham.”


So Keys wants to be less ambitious? Is that right? Yes, they have historically been a bit of a yo-yo team, but they have stabilised themselves as a top flight side over the past decade. Plus, you can’t move to a 60,000-odd seater stadium and pitch it as the move that’s going to see you become a ‘big club’, only to scale things back and return to being happy about mid-table finishes. That’s not how it works. didn’t move to their new ground to continue to do what they’ve been doing, while Arsenal’s switch to the Emirates was supposed to see them become the best team in England. West Ham aren’t looking to tread water every year or get involved in relegation battles. Plus, Keys kind of disrespects Hughton by claiming the club should appoint him in order to be more realistic about being a mid-table team. As for his swipe at Karren Brady, he might have a point there. Her column is becoming a laughable conflict of interest, and she’d do well to scrap it.

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